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So here's a quiz all about F1 crash helmets. There may or may not be clues in the spoiler cover.

1. Jean Alesi's crash helmet was an homage to which other F1 driver?

The late Elio de Angelis

2. Graham and Damon Hill both wore the same helmet design. Why the white stripes?

They were the cap colours of the London Rowing Club

3. Who was the first driver to wear a full face crash helmet?

Dan Gurney

4. Who was the last driver to wear an open faced crash helmet?

Leo Kinnunen

5. What was unusual about Nelson Piquet's crash helmet at the Brazil GP in 1982?

He wore a Nava motorcycle helmet which wasn't approved for us in F1. It's rumoured he had trouble breathing which was part of teh reason for his collapse.

6. Sebastian Vettel famously used to have a different helmet design at each race until the fun police stepped in and put a stop to any expression of individuality by the drivers. His helmets are designed by Jens Munser. How many different designs has he produced for Vettel?

170 - they even have their own website - Helmets - Sebastian Vettel

7. In 1979 John Watson raced with this unusual helmet design. What was it called?


It was the Bell Twin Window. It didn't catch on, but might have inspired the halo.

8. Jackie Stewart raced with his family tartan on his helmet, but Paul Stewart had a different tartan. Why was that?

Paul used the Racing Stewart tartan created in 1995

9. Here's Jack Brabham wearing an unusual helmet. What or where did this design come from?


It's a USAF Fighter pilot helmet

10. And a real stinker to end with, here's Graham Hill wearing a "turbo visor". Who invented it?


Rhodesian born motor cycle racer John Redman

I was a bit surprised to find the topic was actual helmets. From the title I thought it was going to be questions about the Piquet family.
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