Formula-e YOU BET the game. 2014-2015 season


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The bookies is now open. Same rules as the F1 You Bet with some tweaks.

The rules.
1. If you want to play you can do so at any point in the year. You will receive £10 CTA e-Brogans for every remaining race. (no actual monetary value) Just post your bet and your in. 9 races in total so if you enter before the first race you get 90 CTA e-brogans to play with.
2. Maximum 1 bet per round. (or the spread sheet gets messy)
3. You are betting on whatever I decide read the posts. Each way bets can now be placed. For example a £10 each way bet would cost you £20 stake money, £10 on the winner at full odds and £10 on a place 1st-3rd at 1/3rd odds.
4. I will post the new odds taken from a randomly chosen betting shop as soon as available after the race.
5. To place a bet, post in this thread, the race, driver, odds, your money and if you are betting 'each way'.
6. You don't have to place a bet in every round, however sitting out the whole year with your starting stake untouched is not in the spirit of the game. So if no bet is placed for 3 consecutive races, you will automatically place a £30 bet on the driver currently last in the championship in the 3rd race.
7. Only 1 entry per season. Or to put another way once your bust, no re-entries.
8. All bets must be in 24hours before the race start or they wont be counted.
9. I will post everyone's balance after the official race result is announced.

For the first race in Beijing I managed to find a bookies actually taking bets, amazing.
So betting on a WIN, here are the odds for the very first formula-e race.

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This was all very last minute so all bets have been counted. up until this post.

I will be adding each way betting for the next race. Its taken several hours but I have got a working formula set up in excel that calculates the winnings automatcally, all I do is enter the place your driver came in. I may even introduce it in the F1 youbet game.

I will also be changing the bet placing cut off to pre qually,
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Well, I was going to put half my stake on Nelsinho, but my internet connection crashed last night just when I hit 'Post Reply'

I won't ask for a special waiver :whistle:
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