Formula-e YOU BET the game. 2014-2015 season


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Moscow results. Rule 6 applied to mjo.
I will place odds for London nearer the time.



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Yes. I think I will have just 1 set of odds for both races. If you want to place both bets before the first race you can. If you want to wait until the Saturday evening before placing the Sunday bet that will be fine as well. I will try and publish the Saturday race result asap after the race. I'm not out I don't think on Saturday 27th so should be able to post the result.


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Big final weekend for the Formula E with the double race final event in London.
With there being just 14-15 hours between the Saturday race and first practice on the Sunday I will be doing things a little differently to assist the remaining players.

I need bets for the first race on Saturday in before first practice at 0815 UK time.

I will endeavour to posts the Saturday race 1 results as soon as I can after the race. Sometime around 1900hrs I would expect.

Given the short amount of time between the 2 races I will extend the betting period to before qually for the second race.
So I need bets for the second race in before first qually at 1210 uk time.

The odds will be the same for both races. Any driver not listed will have odds 5/1. Full driver list here please check your driver is racing before placing your bet. No refunds.

If anyone wants to place a bet for both races before the Saturday race that will be fine, though you will be unsure how much money you have for the Sunday race. So I can take conditional bets such as 'every thing I have on ....' etc.

Odds and time table below. Good luck.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 14.35.55.png

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 11.36.41.png
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Results for race 1 are in and 3 more players go bust. Rule 6 penalty applied to Mephistopheles and F1Yorkshire I have taken Trulli as being 'last in the championship' as he is the last man to have raced in every race. I accepted gethinceri bet despite being out with the time frame. Made no difference anyway as rule 6 would of been applied.

Odds for Race 2 on Sunday are the same as Race 1.
Good luck.



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Unfair! I demand you refund my very sensible "all-in on Chandhok" bet due to its being outside of the time frame.
Then I would like to go all-in on Chandhok as any other sensible gambler would.


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UK Race 2 Results.

Here are the awards for the inaugural Formula-E champioship.

CHAMPION - Well done mjo your big win on Abt in Uruguay was enough to take the title.
Close But No Cigar - RasputinLives Still 2nd place is almost a win.
Risk Taker Trophy - teabagyokel First person to go all in ... and the first person to go out.
Sixth Sense - rufus_mcdufus for calling the winner in the first ever race.
All In Weekend - Loosing 4 players in Germany Greenlantern101 cider_and_toast rufus_mcdufus Dash Racing
Too Little Too Late - tonyw151 getting a win in the last race with only £1 left
Chaos Theory - 11 races and not a single bean in winnings Greenlantern101 F1Yorkshire gethinceri soccerman17 jez101 Dash Racing

Well thats it for Formula-E Youbet. I won't be running it next season. Finding odds was a huge pain in the butt. I hope you liked it.
Thanks and tata.

p.s. the bookies made £733.50
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