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I saw this on the internet somewhere and I thought it would be a good idea!
Basically, I say a statement and you either agree or disagree with it (and add a brief explanation of why, if you would like).

Then say your own statement then the cycle goes on forever!

Kevin Magnussen has been unfairly treated by the stewards this season.
Agree, he's been singled put for things his team-mate would never get a slight for.

Formula E will never replace Formula 1 as the biggest motorsport series.
I disagree, there will come a time when fossil fuel powered vehicles are no more and cleaner self sufficient racing will be the way forward. Formula E is the stepping stone towards those dark days.

Renault will only spend 1 more season as an engine supplier before pulling out.
Disagree, they do seem to be on the way out but I don't think the engine regs will change radically enough in the next year for them to leave. The next time they have to do a serious redesign though, they'll be on their way. Unless things change.

Max Verstappen will be in F1 when he's 25.
I disagree, the track record for young drivers in F1 is less than brilliant and the odds are greater that he'll have 2 to 3 years in the sport before moving on to another Formula.

Williams will be Mercedes main rival next season.
Agree - Pat Symonds seems to be working his Benetton/Renault magic with them, and turning them back into an outfit that believes they can win, and Newey's step back from RBR will leave them playing more catch-up next season.

Jenson will cling on to his McLaren seat for 1 more year.
Agree. He has good connections for Honda and will be crucial to help them integrate into the team.

On a similar vein, this will be Kimi's last year in F1
Disagree - Ferrari will not want the embarrassment of paying him off again so will keep him for a second year.

Fernando Alonso will retire as a two time world champion.
Agree, there is too much new talent on the way through, and his tenure at Ferrari is unlikely to yield further WDC's in my opinion.

Daniel Ricciardo will win a WDC in the next 3 years.
Disagree. Don't get me wrong, I think Daniel is a breath of fresh air in F1 at the moment but with Newey stepping back, he really does make that much of a difference to a team. Red Bull could slip away from being a true front running team. It would then depend on Daniel moveing to another WDC capable team.

Marussia will score points on more than one occasion next year
Disagree - they lucked in to points at Monaco and I doubt we will see any other race with such a high attrition rate in 2015.

Mark Webber and Porsche will win Le Man next year (I know it's a tenuous link to F1 but it's an interesting question).
Disagree - I'm afraid it seems more and more likely that Hulk has been passed over by the big teams and will be eclipsed by new talent.

Jules Bianchi will one day drive for Ferrari.
Agree - The guy has talent, he may not win with Williams as they don't seem to have the balls to go for a risky strategy right now but he will win one day.

F1 will become less organised without Bernie in charge whenever that day comes.
Agree - the teams will take over and not agree about anything and nearly run the whole thing into the ground until some crafty businessman steels the whole thing away and manipulates everyone and everything but makes a success of it.

Romain Grosjean will not have a drive in F1 for 2015.
Disagree, Lotus are too dependant on his skills. They're more likely to take someone who pays as much but bends fewer cars than Maldonado.

Nico Rosberg will never be F1 Driver Champion.
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