DRS in Monaco

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With these marbles I think they might have to set a maximum speed limit of about 80kph through the tunnel anyway, with a suitable warning sign to the drivers:


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And the only other "straight" worthy of consideration is the start-finish one, and even there it has quite a curve on it. I'm not sure that any driver is going to want an unstable rear end heading into Ste Devote or the chicane...

There is also the "straight" up the hill; "Beaurivage" is it called?

Its got to be the tunnel. If you're trying to encourage overtaking, there's nowhere it is more necessary than Monaco, is there?

I can't see the team principals being too keen on the idea of having the wing open in the tunnel.

Is DRS a compulsory addition to the cars. They could just take it off/not use it. No-one has ever suggested before that "Drag Reduction" and "Circuit de Monaco" are not mutually exclusive terms.


I think it'd be fine having it through the tunnel. It's unlikely to be as handy as Malaysia and China but i think if every race was like that those particular races would lose their specialness.


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Let them play... more things to get wrong makes it almost as good as a stick shift :D
I want the drivers to look as if they're really working; and trying to overtake at Monaco is one of the best places. It might be hard (impossible) but some of the best races I've seen are when people are really going for it at Monaco... que lots of memory clips I hope.
If anything Monaco would be the best place to have a complete circuit DRS zone... I want to see a free for all to sort the men from the boys.
... been a long day... I can but dream.


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I think DRS in Monza will be more interesting. As we know, Button went with a high downforce setting, but had the F-Duct last year and didn't do too bad (would have done better if Alonso hadn't used him to test his nose worked, but hey). This year, with DRS, will we see anything similar (teams running more wing than usual), or will the losses be higher than the gains around Monza?


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I think I asked the same question RickD somewhere else. Ermm... The problem is you only get DRS when you are behind, so if everyone had ''more' wing, every time there was an overtake, the other person would re overtake next lap with the DRS


The point at the bottom of the page is one that i think is proving important. The DRS is allowing cars to follow each other closely and then make the overtakes later in the lap.


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This is what I posted yesterday, so I'm not surprised.

Monaco is not conducive to racing, even with KERS, DRS and marshmallow tyres.

I can actually see it being a bit of a safety-car-fest with all the failed attempts.


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After all those discussions my thread is now probably redundant.
Apart from Chad Stewarthill's contribution which demonstrated an invaluable sense of foresight, intelligence and nous.


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Of course, any ban would apply to every car equally (except those red ones whose wings, being controlled directly by the FIA, would be exempt).:whistle:
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