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cider_and_toast, a few days ago, entered my word "McNish" into a motorsport dictionary. This got me thinking... what words could go in a motorsport dictionary? I think these should be in there (I included McNish).

Alonslow - adj.

1. Claimed to be slower than its results suggest, due to the excellent driving and press spin of a Spaniard. ("It wasn't yet sure if the car was slow or Alonslow")

Ascar - v.

1. To unjustly damage a reputation by only winning in a car that is a long way clear of the field.

Bahrain - v.

1. To totally ignore everything happening beyond the confines of the circuit.
2. To deflect all criticism of Western foreign policy on sportsmen, sporting teams and sporting events.

Barrain - n.

1. A circuit at which it will always be dry.

Damons - n.

1. A metaphorical force stopping a driver winning at a particular circuit. ("Monaco always brought out his inner Damons")

Donington - n.

1. An unfulfilled promise.

Ecclestone - v.

1. To disregard any concerns in favour of profit.
2. To answer a question in such a way that the enquirer is left somehow with less information than he started with.
3. To fail to exit a revolving door at the correct point, and turning up at the start point.
4. (adj.) Obnoxious.

Ecclestupid - adj.

1. Of a decision which is based upon profit.
2. Of a court ruling which allows a bribery case to be settled by something which looks to the untrained eye like bribery.

Hockencrime - n.

1. The destruction of a circuit's heritage.

Heidfeld - v.

1. To score points without doing anything spectacular.
2. To run the course of a career without winning but with a steady haul of both podiums and points.
3. To run second under Safety Car conditions.

Horner - n.

1. Yeah, no...
2. One who leads teams of very talented people and claims credit for their success.

India - v.

1. To hype up an awful circuit, based largely on the awful poverty in its proximity.

Jensathlon - n.

1. An extremely physical sporting event run in a super-fit driver's off-time.
2. A challenge in which an underperforming car's driver can challenge the authority of a Championship contender.

Jordanian - adj.

1. (Of or pertaining to a garment) Ugly. ("Coulthard's shirt was almost Jordanian in its ridiculousness")

Kobayashi - v.

1. To attempt to pass a car on the inside of the corner in an unafraid and slightly aggressive way, esp. at hairpin at Suzuka.
2. To beg for funds on the internet, for them to only buy you half a season.

Loeblow - n.

1. To be compared unfavourably to one more successful in a different discipline. ("Vettel was getting a lot of praise, before he was hit by a Loeblow")

Lewistory - n.

1. A study of history designed to reduce the entire course of human history into a question of whether Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula One driver in history, or one who probably should never have got a drive at McLaren.

Maldonation - n.

1. A sum of money paid to a team to run a driver, large enough to over-ride even the most disappointing of races.

Maldonomenon - n.

1. Anomalous result, esp. one scored in a way which made it look commonplace.

Marina - n.

1. Circuit near a sea, where races are held at night.

McNish - v.

1. To join a top level open wheeled motorsport series (example - F1) after a long and very successful career in other series. The performance in that open wheeled series is dissappointing causing lasting damage to the drivers reputation and ensuring that the casual motorsport fan is more familiar with a single season of failure than long years of success elsewhere. (cider_and_toast)

Moda-operandi - n.

1. Method of running a Formula One team which is unsuccessful.

Monacoast - v.

1. To slow down whilst in the lead of a race to hold up those behind who cannot overtake. ("Webber Monacoasted to the victory")

Montoila - n.

1. One whose initial expectations proved to be misplaced.
2. One who injures themselves playing tennis.

Moss - v.

1. To never win the biggest prize but pick up unanimous acclaim nonetheless (antonym: Vettel)
2. To speak up for a rival at one's own cost.

Oldvalari - n.

1. A driver who is ignored in terms of the "greatest ever" due to only driving before 1950.

Patrenising - adj.

1. (Of commentary) Overly keen to victimise one driver in particular. ("Hunt was very Patrenising)

Rongedded - adj.

1. To cause inefficiencies in the core business by focussing on petty projects to satisfy a team principal's apparent OCD.

Rossett - n.

1. One liable to continue regardless of what is occuring ahead. ("He could have avoided the crash but he was too Rossett in his ways")

Sennation - v.

1. (of a large group) To compete to offer the most glowing tributes to a deceased former champion.
2. (of a film) To make a hagiography using contemporary footage.

Shewolff - n.

1. One who takes advantage of marriage in order to land a test drive, particularly if such an acquisition is conflated with gender equality issues in the mainstream press.

Silverstone - v.

1. To reliably provide an effective event to the chagrin of those who have to renew the organiser's contract.

Shanglow - adj.

1. (Of crowd numbers) So low as to not nearly fill huge grandstands.

Skyhigh - adj.

1. High Pay TV prices.
2. (Of James Hunt) Thirty minutes into a Grand Prix.

Sparse - n.

1. One who takes advantage of the outside of La Source to pass lots of cars on lap 1. ("Kimi is always a complete Sparse in the opening lap")
2. August.

Tilkecuff - v.

1. To put restrictive measures on a designer such that they cannot but produce a circuit that is absolutely hopeless.

Tilkedrome - n.

1. Circuit designed by Hermann Tilke, esp. with a dull layout or controversial location
2. (verb) To redesign an old circuit in order to make its layout duller. ("Hockenheim was really Tilkedromed in 2001")

Tuerwho - v.

1. To end one's career at a particularly young age by one's own volition.

Turneight - n.

1. Redeeming feature, esp. of a much maligned circuit designer.

Unhakki - adj.

1. Desperately disappointed, to the point of tears, with a result in a motor-racing event.

Vettel - n.

1. One who is unable to gain any credit for his actions.

Wageclark - n.

1. One who compares the pay and danger faced of current drivers unfavourably to those in the 1960s.

Webber - v.

1. To successfully divert all blame for any collisions, mechanical failures and poor starts.
2. To lose more than 5 places off the grid.
3. To accidentally make a ground-based motor-racing car airborne.

Whitingwash - v.

1. To attempt to argue that a move was legal by invoking the jurisdiction of the Race Director.

Whitmarsh - n.

1. A swamp of criticism by which every issue at a team is the fault of the one who has entered. ("He hasn't resurfaced since falling into the Whitmarsh")
2. Scapegoat.

Zanardian - adj.

1. Inspirational.
2. Unsuccessful only in the most high profile (European) category raced in. ("He was fantastic in Le Mans, but that just showed how Zanardian his career was")

Any others?
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Badoer - v

1. To replace a driver with a much older and much much slower driver. (I can't believe Caterham have replaced Kobayashi. It looks like they are going to Badoer themselves)
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Mansellism - n

1. Any excuse used by a driver to explain a fault that was of the drivers own causing but the blame can be placed elsewhere.
2. Any undue praise heaped on a British driver that would otherwise not be given to a driver doing exactly the same thing but from another country.
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Neweylexability - n

1. A measurement of the results of a front wing loading test on a Red Bull. "While the front wing has passed the static loading test it has displayed a high degree of neweylexability"
turneighter - adj

1. a desperate attempt to find some good in any Herman Tilke designed track. Based on the universally agreed, only good corner that Tilke ever designed. example "That's a cracking corner at Valencia, it's almost a turneighter"
Montoilet (n):

Where a driver's career ends due to fading after a bright start (see: Kevin Magnussen?)

Ralfing (v):

1) Riding the coattails of your more illustrious sibling
2) Repeatedly backing your car into walls
3) Being surly and irascible, even though half the planet would give their left nut to be doing what you do (e.g. Lewis was Ralfing after the 2014 Monaco GP)
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