Ferrari (v): to be phenomenally fast in testing but fail miserably in the season.

An example of this is from the BBC on the first day of testing 2017:

"Sebastian Vettel moves to just over a tenth behind Lewis Hamilton with a time of 1:21.878 on, you've guessed it, the medium tyre.

Ferrari continue to impress."

To be stopped from achieving something through no fault of your own.

e.g. - "He was all set to win but then he was Canamasased"
Prostabt (v)

To stay in a role you have shown you are not good enough to be in due to family connections.

E.g. "He is only here on a Prostabt"
Button (v)

Describes that the manner of a car not turning enough into corners.

"I didn't have the pace I was buttoning in the corners, despite maximum downforce on the front wing and minimal downforce on the rear, every other driver would have been suffering overheating rears due to the oversteer. We need to look into the issue to resolve the problem."

"He was suffering from button (noun phrase here), when he hit the barrier."
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Palmer (n)

A driver describing non-existent issues with his car to explain his lack of pace in comparison to his team-mate.

"The team gave me a horrendous car, it had multiple palmers. Even one can ruin the teams weekend."
Trullified (v)

To block/hold/slow down a much faster competitor.

e.g. "He's trullified half the field right now
Haasnot (v)

A vehicle which is unable to slow down and brake in and efficient manner.

e.g. "I got to the corner to find everything has gone Haasnot"
Ferrarrevision (n)

1. The process of people being happy when a previously hated competitor suddenly becomes successful, as it has created competition.

Giovailable (adj)

1. (of a racing driver) Reserve for half of the teams on the grid.

Put-in (n)

1. A camera shot inserted into a sporting event to show an arriving world leader.

Takuturn (v)

1. To achieve a great success on one continent many years after another continent has written you off.
2. To attempt to take the spotlight off a team-mate by simply winning.

Willianxiety (n)

1. The worry that your driver line-up may be embarassingly bad.
An Ecclestone Equilibrium

A theory that states that revenue from TV rights will always rise due to a balance between declining TV audiences and rising pay per view sales.
Sauber reflection.

To consider who your engine supplier is when making statements about the way F1 is managed.

I.E. "After some Sauber reflection, Haas decided that the distribution of money in F1 was just about right"
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