Demotivational Competition


  • Holding crap GPs since 2008.

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  • For when you thought the Hungaroring was bad.

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  • Great for yachts, not so great for racing cars

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  • Monaco minus the charm

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  • all the glamour of Monaco, none of the racing action.

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  • The Grand Prix that takes the pith.

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  • Proof that Tilke should admit he just can't design a good F1 circuit

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  • How dry is your paint?

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  • Want to spend a couple of grand for a good sleep?

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  • And you thought a race in a car park was bad

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  • making the ironing seem exciting.

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  • [person] ‹thumb/candy› chupar;‹liquid› (through a straw) sorber; [vacuum cleaner] aspirar; [pump] su

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Muddytalker said:
Odd, I've got a poster ready to go for a Demot' Comp II, but I seem unable to post it. Is it me, or is the site a little screwy?
What's the problem?
Seems to be working fine for me.
Everytime I post the link to the poster, whether I submit or preview, I go to the CTA front page.

I think it may have been the site I was using - Tried a different one, and here it is -

teabagyokel said:
Brogan said:
teabagyokel said:
You're the mod!
That would be c_a_t ;)

Yes, but you're admin! Administrate if necessary!
I'm sorry but it's not my job to create new threads/posts for people.
That's the point of a forum - everyone is free to create new threads/posts as they see fit!

I only made the point that Muddytalker won't be able to create a poll as he's not the author of this thread.
Sheesh! I'll keep my mouth shut in future
Erm.....Ok shall i post a suggestion to the Berine pic,

Or is common sense going to prevail and Muddy is going to give it a place of its own here?

ah what the heck.

Bernie: And you thought Oompa-Loompas were cute.
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