Announcement Our first prize competition - ideas and suggestions wanted

How should the competition be run?

  • Best article as decided by a public vote

    Votes: 23 88.5%
  • Lottery ticket

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Other - please explain

    Votes: 1 3.8%

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ZakspeedYakspeed has very kindly offered to donate an Exoto 1:18 model to the winner of our very first prize competition.
The winner gets to choose one of these two models:

GPC97006 - 1968 Lotus Type 49B, car #12, put on pole at the 1968 US GP by Mario Andretti


GPC97090 - 1980 Renault RE20, car #15, as driven in the 1980 French GP by Jean-Pierre Jabouille


We haven't yet decided what form the competition will take so this thread is to canvass ideas and opinions as to how the competition should be run. Ideally it will be something that everyone can enter and has a chance of winning.

One suggestion was to award the prize to the author of the "best article", which would be decided on by a public vote.
I quite like that idea as it would not only generate some quality content for the site, but also help to keep it busy over the coming months, once the F1 season has ended.
We could allow a few weeks or months for submissions and then narrow them down to a shortlist before creating a poll.

Another suggestion is a simple lottery and random draw, although I'm not sure what the law is regarding that, if any.
That may also restrict the entrants as not everyone can afford to buy a ticket.

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, please say.

There may be other prize competitions in the future (I have a used but very good condition copy of The International Motor Racing Guide by Peter Higham, for example), so any good suggestions may be utilised later.

This is a superbly generous offer and I can't thank ZakspeedYakspeed enough.
I have added a poll to the first post which will run until Wednesday 14, 5 days from now.

So far there are only two options; if anyone has any others they would like adding, let me know and I will add them.
You may want to hold off voting for a day or two until (if) more options are added.
Best article, definitely!

Then I can get my wife, kids, Mum, brothers, inlaws etc to vote for me and I can get a replica of the Renault :victory:

I had a scalextric version of that very JPJ car growing up...
One other thing to be considered is if we go for the best article option, how long should we allow for entries?
A few weeks, a month, two months?
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