2019 USA GP Pre Race Quiz


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apologies for lateness, the quiz was ready on saturday but with issue at work sunday morning meant ive had to spent alot more time there at very short notice. so i havent had the time to type it up

anyway on the pre race quiz for america, got some thing different this week because of many locations around America over the last 60 years, we got a question for every venue & 3 for current venue so you've got 12 questions instead of usual 10 & max of 16pts, hope you enjoy it

1) In 1959 the 1st ever F1 Championship race outside of the indy 500 took place at sebring. but what did that race have common with 1994 Monaco GP & every race of this current season (1 pt for each)
no world champion on grid & a bonus point for the fastest lap

2) In 1960 it took place at riverside for the only time, 1 engine supplier had great race as top 4 & 7 of top 8 where powered by same engine, what was it

3) In 1974 we had 1 of F1s Bizarre retirements. why did Tim scheken race come to end on lap 8
He had entered the race illegally
Quirk of the rules in 1974 allowed the DNQ drivers to participate on formation lap so if a car broke down still had a full grid. those cars if all was fine pulled into the pits before the start. but Schenken (on the orders of Chapman) lined up on grid. After a few laps the organisers realised there was too many cars & was DQ'd

4) Which oscar winning actor amongst many numerous other things was the race director for inaugural Caesars Palace GP
Paul Newman

5) Which reigning world champion failed to qualify in the inaugrial running of Detroit GP
Nelson Piquet Sr

6) We know Watson & Lauda came 1-2 at long beach in 1983 despite qualifiying 22nd & 23rd but who joined them on the podium from 2nd on the grid
Rene Arnoux

7) Why was the Dallas grand prix very close to being boycotted
Lauda & Prost tried to arrange a driver boycott. because a Can-Am race on Saturday had broken up the track so badly, emergency repairs had gone on all night, & right up til 30 minutes before the start

8) Which team started on the front row in phoenix in 1990 for the only time in the 340 race start history
Minardi & only 0.06 off pole

9) 2005 US gp at Indianapolis will always be talked about maybe the most infamous grand prix of this millennium . as 1 of lowest points of F1. but who were 2 drivers supposed to start from the front row. before being ordered into the pits (1pt for each)
Jarno Trulli & Kimi Raikkonen

10) In which year did Renault engine cars have a clean sweep of podium at the Circuit of the Americas
2013 - Vettel Grosjean Webber

11) Which World Champion scored points for the final time at the Circuit of the Americas
Jenson Button

12) Last year Kimi became the 4th oldest winner of a race in the tv era (japan 76 - ) can you name me the other 3 ( 1/2pt for 1, 1 for 2 & 2 for all 3)
Clay Regazzoni - Britain 1979
Carlos Reutemann - Belgium 1981
Nigel Mansell - Australia 1994

songs from the 3 weekend Headliners Kool & the Gang, Imagine Dragons & Pink
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