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In a similar vein to CaT's Flagon awards here's your chance to predict the Autocourse Top 10 based on "the drivers performance given the machinery available to them". Here's mine:

1. Hamilton
2. Ricciardo
3. Alonso
4. Rosberg
5. Button
6. Bottas
7. Magnusson
8. Kyvat
9. Massa
10. Hulkenberg

Neither Vettel nor Raikkonen make my top 10 - both woeful given the cars available to them and the relative performance of their team mates.
I'm beginning to think I may have been to harsh on Daniel R, especially as I really enjoyed his driving this year.
On cider's thread I ended with this as my top 10:

1. Ricciardo
2. Hamilton
3. Alonso
4. Bottas
5. Button
6. Rosberg
7. Hulkenberg
8. Massa
9. Kvyat
10. Vergne

I'm pretty happy with the top 6 but 7th-10th I found very difficult to pick. Still not sure I'm really happy with it.
1. Ricciardo
2. Hamilton
3. Alonso
4. Rosberg
5. Bottas
6. Button
7. Bianchi
8. Hulkenberg
9. Kvyat
10. Vergne

9 and 10 was hard. Kyvat gets it by virtue of him being a rookie.
9 and 10 was hard. Kyvat gets it by virtue of him being a rookie.


That's an interesting one.... surely being a rookie shouldn't come into it when it comes to deciding which driver did best on any given year?

It might be reasonable to assume a rookie driver has the potential to do better in future but when it comes to deciding what driver did best on one season, it should be purely judged on how well they did that year, regardless of any other factor? Including however well they would have done had they been more experienced?
Out of interest, here is Motorsport Magazines top 10 of the season. It makes for an interesting read when you consider our views on CTA:

1) Alonso
2) Ricciardo
3) Hamilton
4) Grosjean
5) Rosberg
6) Bottas
7) Button
8) Vettel
9) Hulkenberg
10) Massa

Interesting that neither Toro Rosso driver rated in their top 10 and Grosjean appears at four. That will raise some eyebrows.

I'm beginning to think I may have been too harsh on Daniel R.
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I think it's the work of Mark Hughes Brogan, a motorsport writer whose opinion I've never been a massive fan of. He's moved on from Autosport but when he was editor there he was the man responsible for the glowing endorsement of Sky taking over the TV rights from the BBC before a single picture had been broadcast.
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Maybe that is a question for Brogan


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cider_and_toast Really not sure in what way Vettel impressed to deserve a spot in the top 10. Grosjean did a good job but it's very difficult to figure out where to rank him when the Lotus was so crap. The rest I can agree with or at least see the reasons behind them, maybe he has to stick a few curve balls in there to whip up some interest...
As its performance relative to machinary and how they did over the year mine is as such:

1. Ricciardo
2. Button
3. Hamilton
4. Rosberg
5. Bottas
6. JEV
7. Alonso
8. Kvyat
9. Hulkenberg
10. KMag

I know I'm going to catch it for putting Button on front of Lewis but I happen to think he drove the wheels off an awful Mclaren this year.

I also think Alonso didn't have a good a year as last and that both the Torro Rosso boys did an excellent job so much so that people are over estimating how good the car was.
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cider_and_toast Mark Hughes I find is a very good writer and his analysis actually are insightful although a few blinded fanboys accuse him of favouritism and writing a lot of BS when they fail to see the bigger picture

- he correctly wrote on the BBC site -

i) Massa not allowing Alonso past could spell trouble at Ferrari - this was after Melbourne 2010 - the 2nd race of the season I remember some people thought he was stirring up something out of nothing

ii) Hamilton was faster over 1 lap than Button who tends to be sensitive to change in track conditions after Bahrain 1st race and I do remember the crap on 606 about how slow and rubbish Button nonsense

iii) Hamilton and Button will race each other hard after the team orders row in Turkey 2010

I guess it is your opinion but he was working for the BBC before Sky so I don't know how the BBC treated him certainly Martin Brundle was not amused that the BBC were not continuing to cover F1 fully and then he got a job on Sky's commentary team and did not hang around

Mark Hughes I remember voted Hamilton as driver of the season 2009 despite only really being outstanding 2nd half of the season that year which some accused of favouritism

Still I am amazed Grosjean is 4th - what was the reasoning behind rating him that high. He had a great race in Spain well quali and race was hampered by loss of power but I can't remember anything else he did to warrant such a high placing
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Yep, it's my opinion.

Other opinions are available including those of blinded fanboys however, that one is mine.

I think the general opinion of all concerned in relation to the top three drivers of the season are Hamlton, Alonso and Ricciardo. The order may change but I don't think there's too much to sperate the three of them.

In my opinion I still think Rosberg is right up among the four but there you go. As I posted in another thread, I also seem to be one of the few people in the world who doesn't think Kyvat is that great so what do I know?
I concur with your view of Kvyatt cider_and_toast.
I would include Jenson in the top 5 (surprise, surprise!), along with Hamilton, Ricciardo, Alonso & Rosberg.
My following 5 would include Massa, Bottas and Lotterer.
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