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We haven't had a brain teasing quiz for a while so here are a few questions to get the old brain box clanking away.

Who knows, maybe even Greenlantern101 will give it a go?

As always, post your score at the bottom and let the world see how brightly you shine. Good luck.

1) Stirling Moss holds the record for most number of wins without winning the drivers title but which team (since 1958) holds the record for most wins without winning the Constructors title?

Ligier with 9 wins

2) Which F1 teams 3 seasons in the sport saw them take 3 wins in their first season, 4 podiums in their second season and only 2 classified finishes in their third?

Walter Wolf Racing

3) Since Jenson Button took McLaren's last F1 win to date in Brazil at the end of the 2012 season, the best McLaren have managed is two second placed finishes. For half a point each, name the drivers who achieved those results?

Kevin Magnusson in Australia in 2014 and Carlos Sainz in Italy in 2020.

4) What was the reason given for disqualifying Ayrton Senna from the 1989 Japanese GP after his coming together with his team mate Alain Prost?
Was it a) Dangerous Driving b) Receiving a push start c) Missing the chicane

c) Missing the chicane - According to the stewards he should have turned around, driven the wrong way against the traffic, rejoined the track at the point he went off and then turned around again to face the right direction. Hmmmmm?

5) In which of these catagories do Mercedes Engines beat Ferrari Engines, a) Race Wins b) Points Scored c) Poles taken d) Fastest Laps?

Points scored Mercedes are ahead 11318 to Ferrari's 9397.5

6) Recently F1 has proven that it loves a driver who stays in the sport long after they should have stopped racing and found something better to do. This fact is born out by 9 of the top ten F1 drivers by races started were all on the grid in the last 10 years. Give yourself a point and a shout out to the one driver on that list who wasn't driving after the 1990's?

Everyones favourite teammate Riccardo Patrese

7) Which of these win related records does Seb Vettel not hold, a) Most wins in a season b) Highest percentage of wins in a season c) Most consecutive wins in a season?

Its b) Highest percentage of wins. He's fourth on that list. "a" he shares jointly with Schumacher on 13 and "c" he holds outright with 9 wins in a row in 2013.

8) The March Formula one team took its name from the initials of its founders. ARCH was for Alan Rees, Graham Coaker and Robin Herd but which massively well known Formula One mogul gave the team the "M"?

why it was Max Mosley of course

9) The British Grand Prix was held at Aintree in 1962, Silverstone in 1963 and Brands Hatch in 1964. Who won all three races making him the only drivr to win the British GP at the only 3 tracks to hold it?

Jim Clark. He also won the British GP again at Silverston in 1965 to make it 4 in a row.

10) In memory of the much missed teabagyokel and his love of fractions, for a third of a point each, name the three teams on the current F1 grid that have their team registrations listed as the UK?

Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams. The others may be based here but their registrations are in their home countries.

Good luck all.
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