Your top 10 drivers of the season


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I think there's lots of our choices throughout this thread. Thought it might be good to see another set of 'experts' and how we stacked up against them,
I agree with you RasputinLives regarding Perez and Hulkenberg. I'd definateky put Perez ahead. Also agree about Button. I wouldn't have him in the top ten.

Autocourse, Sky and team principals have all picked Hamilton first.


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In defence of the point racecub is trying to make, Lewis was probably the best driver throughout this season but the simple fact is that Nico won more points and is, therefore, the World Champion. All else is irrelevant.


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I base the based my best drivers of the season on a complex points system I've figured out. It involves rewarding each driver with a certain amount of points depending on where they finish in a race. I give 1st place 25 points, 2ND place 18 points and 3rd place 15. I carry on lowering the points scoring until I reward 1 point to the the 10th place driver. I do this for every race and then add them all together. The one with the most points is my driver of the year, or champion even.

I know it's a complex system and maybe not as accurate as seeing who got voted driver of the day the most times by the official F1 poll, Martin Brundle or in James Allen's desperate F1 blog, but it's a system I stand by.


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The BBC has a vote for the best one time World Champions and the top three were Brits: Mansell, Hunt and Button.

That's the driver who won the title because his title rival was nearly killed, missed three races and was still spooked enough to pull out of the title decider, in second!

There's always a bias in any British poll.
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