Your top 10 drivers of the season


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For those that haven't seen it, here's the picture. I'm guessing McLaren spent most of their budget for 2016 on a selfie stick and forgot to develop the car.



Valued Member was a brilliant victory in Monaco that kick-started his campaign as he produced a masterclass in defensive driving to keep Daniel Ricciardo at bay for 45 laps.

Please stop giving drivers credit for defensive driving at Monaco, BBC. That cannot be the highlight of his season, can it?


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Just a thought on that, I know many of the Hammy fans point at the engine failure in Malaysia but had Red Bull got their shit together in Monaco then Danny Ric would have won and the points situation would have been different again. Anyway, the Autocourse Top 10 for 2016 is:
  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Daniel Ricciardo
  3. Nico Rosberg
  4. Max Verstappen
  5. Fernando Alonso
  6. Valterri Bottas
  7. Carlos sainz
  8. Sebastian Vettel
  9. Sergio Perez
  10. Nico Hulkenberg


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Lewis Hamilton pips Max Verstappen to top 2016 F1 driver list

Here is the BBC's driver's list based on the public vote

The interesting note from that is look how far down Bottas is and how high up Wehrlein is

From that you would think Mercedes have gone for the wrong driver

A lot of appreciation and love for the two Mclaren drivers

Bill Boddy whoops did not see you posted this earlier but take a look at the worst drivers list
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Below that is the most disappointing drivers list which is topped by Kyvat, then Gutierrez then Vettel - you can understand why these 3 make the top 3

No 4 is Hamilton and Rosberg the world champion at No 6 between them they won 19 races ( :whistle::facepalm::s) so how people vote them on here is absolutely brainless


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teabagyokel Unfortunately his best moment Austria where he won on the last lap was stolen from him by Rosberg attempting tp drive him off the road but to win Monaco the only thing you can say about it is about defensive driving without crashing into the barrier

Considering he went 8 races without a win before that and he was some 43 pts behind Rosberg it was certainly did help kick start his campaign where he won 6 of the next 7 races

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With the car advantage that Mercedes had Il_leone they should have won all the races, maybe since they didn't they should be at the bottom of the best drivers list.:whistle:


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Lewis Hamilton has been crowned Driver of Year in Sky Sports Digital's driver ratings for the 2016 season.

After every Grand Prix, the drivers who finished the race are marked for their weekend-long performances out of 10 in a feature on the Sky Sports website and mobile apps.
To find out who has come out on top in 2016, we've worked out the average scores of each driver during the season.

The average is found by dividing a driver's total ratings score by the number of races they finished.

And Hamilton, despite being pipped to the world title by Nico Rosberg, has come out on top with an average rating of 8.42 out of 10.

Daniel Ricciardo is second, with Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappenclose behind in third and fourth places respectively. New world champion Rosberg rounds out the top five.

Other recognised stars of 2016, including Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez, also find themselves in the top half of the ratings grid.

In terms of team-mate comparisons across the whole grid, the closest averages come at Renault where Jolyon Palmer and Kevin Magnussen were separated by just 0.4 in the ratings.

The widest difference was at Toro Rosso - 1.36 - between Sainz and Daniil Kvyat, who endured a tumultuous year after his demotion from Red Bull.

Average driver ratings: The top half of the grid
Driver Highest single score Lowest single score Season average
Lewis Hamilton 10 6 8.42

Daniel Ricciardo 9.5 6 7.98

Fernando Alonso 9.5 6 7.91

Max Verstappen 10 5 7.81

Nico Rosberg 9.5 5 7.75

Nico Hulkenberg 9 5.5 7.56

Carlos Sainz 9 5 7.53

Jenson Button 10 5 7.37

Sebastian Vettel 9.5 5 7.24

Kimi Raikkonen 8.5 5 7.18

Sergio Perez 9.5 4 7.13

That was all self explanatory. It's how Sky have graded drivers over the season for each race and how the results came out at the end. I'm sure you'll all agree with some and disagree with others. But there we have it, another panel of experts decisions.

Edit. I'm sorry the table came out wrong. I put spaces in but it didn't post with spaces. It's driver, highest race score, lowest race score and average race score.
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