Formula E Marrakesh E-Prix 2019

Really? He locked up true but what was Simms doing on his outside applying the pressure in the first place?

Angel sorry to hear that. What a shame there isn't an option to switch off the live feed but kept the commentary so you can watch too. To be honest Formula E is all about doing stuff for fans so if, you never know, if you emailed them explaing how it's difficult to watch for people with your condition then they might come up with a solution - and milk it for all it's worth PR wise!
I don't know if that would work RasputinLives, but thanks for trying to help :aww:

See I recorded it and watched it back via the Red Button Channel. I can't watch things online for whatever reason, believe me I've tried all sorts to make that work over the years only I can't, that's a whole other problem I have. Anyway, if I wanted to watch the rest of the race I'd have had to put the mute on and then I'd have not known what was going on and I didn't fancy that.

I'll just stick with the F1 highlights to get my racing fix I guess. Or I might look into BTCC, one of mates reckons that is a good watch and I believe they show that on tv too. I'll go and google that.
It's extra weird given that earlier in the race, whilst behind Sam Bird, Simms clearly let Da Costa through in an orchestrated move so they were flying in team formation.

Maybe the deal was that Felix Da Costa would let him back through if they both got past Bird? I dunno. Very odd though.

Having said that they won't be the most worried if the German manufacturers. The top brass at Merc turned out to see the HWA cars collide at the start and trundle round at the back. Whilst Audi saw their customer team completely out pace them all weekend.
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Through no fault of their own, the Jags got tangled up at the start and that was their race over.

While I quite enjoyed the race, I think someone mentioned in the commentary that a few teams thought the race could have been longer and I agree with that. Every car looked more than comfortable on power which is one of the key strategies of the race.

The power boost didn't make too much difference either with slower cars relatively easily holding up the quicker ones just by staying on the racing line.
Attack mode is a hard balance. They don't want it to be like DRS where it is a certainty that they'll get overtakes done but it has to be worth going offline.

For what's it worth I think Attack Mode worked a lot better here than it did in Saudi.
I really enjoyed that, action from beginning to end. I did laugh when Van Doom was last on the grid and then both he and Wehrlein retired on lap one. I think they need to decide if a driver who has retired should get the Fan Boost or if it should roll down to the next one if they are still running.

What was the deal between Piquet jnr and Massa?
I think the deal is that Piquet is not a nice man and pretty much everyone hates him. Lucas Di Grassi won't even be in same room as him.

I'd forgotten about Princess Pascal's strop where he broke the pit equipment on lap 1!
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Angel certainly get into BTCC. fantastic racing always close watched it for many yrs & you usually a guaranteed title battle at final round. actually on 29th im in trackside lounge hospitality which should be fun

RasputinLives you do still think its a hangover from crashgate, because massa could rightfully blame him as he was winning the inaugural Singapore gp pretty comfortably til piquet deliberately crashed. (albiet under sereve orders do it or your sacked) the pit lane chaos happened with fuel hose. as he wouldve had 1pt lead not a 7 point devicfet
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Well looking at the replay again Da Costa locked up and slid into Sims but its a 50-50 rather than blame one driver scenario. Still BMW were well away until the others caught up so looks like the pace setters for the seasons

Yeah factory Audi not doing as well as customer Audi which is a laugh ... I guess they can't put tamper with diesel readings in the car then to get extra power. McNish was asked about it at the beginning and tried to play the corporate brand card 4 cars with 4 rings

What was JEV thinking first corner on Bird ? He ran out of room and it cost him the race

Mercedes crashing into each other at the back in front of Toto :facepalm:LOL and Van doorne still stuck at the back of the grid despite changing formula
Angel certainly get into BTCC. fantastic racing always close watched it for many yrs & you usually a guaranteed title battle at final round. actually on 29th im in trackside lounge hospitality which should be fun

Thanks F1Brits_90 :) If I was fit and able I could go and be a pit girl for my cousin when he races with the Historic Racing Drivers Club, he has an old Austin A35 and he's quite good too ;)
Yes Stoffel is in a team which believes in the next few years it will be up there challenging for titles - they just need to work out the kinks in the car and be patient. It's all a bit familiar isn't it. I can hear them saying to him now "don't worry Stoff - just a season or so hanging around at the back and then we'll be flying". Bet he is near to tears.

On a simmalar subject did you see it when some cheeky Formula E produced put the caption "husband of Venturi team boss" over the shot of Toto Wolff in the garage? Very funny.
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