Here are the results for Brasil. F1Brits_90 our biggest and only winner.


Here are the odds for Abu Dhabi. Last race. Last chance.

Its the end of the season and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who played.
So ...drum roll.....
Here are the full results for the final race.


#epic fanfare# fire works go off # a streaker runs past # somewhere a dog barks #

And the 2019 Clip The Apex YOU BET WORLD CHAMPION is Angel with a massive and dominant win. Congratulation angel you are our world champion and will be immortalised for all time on the CTA Wall Of Champions. :1st: :cheers::yesss::victory:

Now for the runners up.
Coming in second to take the silver medal is Titch :2nd: congratulations
The final podium place is a tie with Hamberg and RasputinLives congratulations :3rd:

And now our special awards

The It Could Of Been Me Award - Goes to vintly winning an incredible 6 rounds just 1 behind Angel and being the championship leader for many rounds, yet finishing with just twenty quid in his pocket.

The Sunday Best Award - for winning a round of the championship goes to F1Brits_90 cider_and_toast Titch rufus_mcdufus Greenlantern101 Ruslan vintly Angel

The Boris award - for being our glorious leader in the championship all be it briefly goes to Ruslan rufus_mcdufus

The Fight Club award - for resetting your bank balance to zero - goes to Greenlantern101 cider_and_toast gethinceri rufus_mcdufus jez101 220

The Robert Kubica Award for pottering around at the back minding your own business goes to Olivier aaron8831 jez101 Hamberg 220 Radical F1

The Gambling isn't for me Award - For turning up in the first race to BANK then vanishing for the rest of the season goes to Speshal

Well that's it folks. It was a good season lots of winners and so many changes for the championship lead it was more exciting than the actual racing. I hope you all enjoyed it.

See you next year when You Bet returns.
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I don't think I placed a bet from around half way through the season because I stopped watching it! I'll take my trophy though.

Thanks for organising again Greenlantern101 - you should get CTA's Ray Winston Award for services to "BET NAAAAHHHH"
I had a great start betting Verstappen each-way for the first five races I think - paid out on all. I switched at Monaco and got paid again, with Verstappen not paying out. It was all going so well! Well played Angel, you smashed it with a series of winners mid-season - impressive stuff indeed - worthy winner. Look forward to next season, and massive thanks to Greenlantern101 for the real hard work.
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