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FB 5 pts clear of derby with a game in hand. 9 pts clear of bolton with 7 to go. is a very nice place to be. although i did see that after good friday game. youve got 3 of 4 are against your promotion rivals Derby Bolton & Barnsley
You're not a footy fan unless you have a supply of squeaky bum oil on hand for those "end of the season" moments.
this so disappointing to have the highs of being 4-1 & then have to hang on to 3-3. where do you get 14 mins from. but we are used to corruption. at this point id like to know what we did to piss off Howard Webb so much. admittedly we need to look at our subitutions as well. because thats is 2 consecutive games we've made a few subitutions & the games turned on its head gone from easily on top, to hanging on throwing away a 2 goal lead. & shambles of 3-2 who knows what happened, it felt like we just switched off while they scored with ease & walk it in from the kick off

then what should be a premier league classic instead discussing it being ruined by Premier league. today is proof they need to get rid of VAR or at least have higher bar, because every goal needs checking as what ever happened to clear & obvious. I dont see where watching the replay where souza, i dont even know where he was offside. in the goalmouth pinballing. this was for the howler not a forensic disection of a game.


as if couldnt get worse. our 3rd goal was absolute shambles, mins that felt like hours, fans left in the dark, nobody had any idea if the goal had been given or not. i thought it had been given & 1st id known of it being in doubt was when the red card came up, that came to nothing. fans should be the 1st thought not the last. if they will proceed with this shambles
need to start getting VAR on the big screen. so the fans who pay ridiculous amounts money to watch it. actually know whats going on

as presenter said on radio sheffield youve NFL, Cricket, Tennis, most sports have technology & yet the biggest sport in the world is a shambolic display of how not to do technology. is only making the sport worse
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That was a tight game last night. The equalising goal Pompey scored was a screamer.

It will be interesting to see if the Scummers mange to scrape back in to the Premier league through the play offs, otherwise your lot will have to do as a team in red and white stripes who take a beating ;)
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