Poll 2017 Spanish Grand Prix out of ten

2017 Spanish GP out of 10

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I was going to give it a 6 but took 1 off for Bottas holding Vettel up for 4 or 5 laps which, effectively, cost him the race.
FB did you expect Bottas to wave him through then? It seems too be an odd strategy to wait until just after the the end of the virtual and then pit him. Had Ferrari pitted earlier it was a win/win choice.
Nope, and I accept that it is a team sport so Bottas was doing the best for the team. However, Vettel was clearly faster and would have been further up the road had Bottas not held him up. Just sayin' is all.
Loved this race! And it's a track I usually dislike. Of course the Lewis win helped, but I'd decided I loved it before that, before I knew. Which way it would go.
Merc seemed to finally ....... call a good strategy
Uncertainty about winner until very early end.
Pink cars did well :thumbsup:
Wherlein !
A bit of crashing and mayhem ...

9 from me, a bit generous maybe, but I was watching from a bar in Laos and several red wines made me generous!

Bottas single-handedly ruined the race for me. First his screw-up eliminated both Max and Kimi, then he holds ups Seb for 4-5 laps!
A very intense and interesting race, even though the gap between the front-runners and the midfield was huge. I liked the different strategies and I liked the sometimes aggressive moves. I don't think DRS was too powerful in general, but overtaking was possible. A solid 8, maybe even a 9.
Same as cider_and_toast watched it recorded as i have to with working sundays. But yeah i really enjoyed that grand prix i was thinking 7 but then we got few incidents & crying child meeting kimi was nice so 8

Although at the time i thought yrs kimi out but Ferraris in the lead. Why is he crying
8 out of 10. Fairly exciting. Force Indias and Wehrleins result were the two main highlights of the race, also the overtakes between Vettel and Hamilton.
9 from me. Proper motor race that one. Great overtakes/defending by both Vettel and Hamilton. Great drive by both Force India's and the Haas-Torro Rosso-Wherlein duel was immense even if we didn't see that much.

Also some classy fan support from Ferrari.

(By the way I nearly ended up scoring this a 2 FB because you've put numbers wrong way round!)
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