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I hope that I've managed to set a quiz that will challenge but at the same time, may see most people score over 0. Fingers crossed and I hope you enjoy it:

(note, when talking about the US Grand Prix I am not talking about the Ceasers Palace, US GP West / East or Dalla races. Only those recognised as being called the US GP by Wiki. I.E. 1959 - 1980, 1989 - 91, 2000 - 07 and 2012 to present)

1. Dan Gurney almost certainly did the most in F1's early years to fly the Stars and Stripes high over F1 as both a driver and a constructor with his All American Racing team and wonderful looking Eagle cars. That said however, his race winning engine was built by and named after a Brit. Who?

Weslake (Named after Harry Weslake Engineering)

2. Moving forward in time, there has to be one question about the PR disaster that was 2005. Michael Schumacher found himself on Pole after the parade lap. For 1 point, name any one of the four drivers who originally qualified ahead of him before pulling out of the race?

Pick one from, Jarno Trulli on Pole, Kimi Raikkonen 2nd, Jenson Button 3rd and Giancarlo Fisichella in 4th.

3. History shows that if a British driver wins the US Grand Prix once, then he's going to win it again, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Lewis Hamilton all being multiple winners. For half a point each, Name the only two British drivers to break that rule having only won the race on a single occasion each?

Sir Stirling Moss in 1960 and Innes Ireland in 1961

4. Just to confuse the history books, Carl Haas (no relation) was the last American to enter F1 with an American entrant. The two drivers most people remember were Patrick Tambay and Alan Jones. Which American became the only other driver to race the car?

Eddie Cheever

5. What spookie coincidence over shadows both Phil Hill and Mario Andretti's world titles?

Give yourself a point if you said words to the effect that the only drivers who could have won the title other than Hill and Andretti were their team mates and both Von Tripps and Peterson died at the race where their team mates won the title.

6. Nigel Mansell suprised many when he sulked off to America and the Indy Car Series in 1993 only to go and win the championship in his rookie year. Which former Formula 1 world champion finished in second place to Mansell in 1993 and won the Indy 500 that year?

Emerson Fittipaldi

7. Which team are the only ones to have appeared on the podium at every one of the Austin races?

Red Bull Racing - Vettel 2nd in 2012, Vettel 1st and Webber 3rd in 2013 and Ricciardo 3rd in 2014

8. We've already spoken of Mario Andretti and Dan Gurney who are at 1 and 2 on the list of highest point scoring US drivers but which US driver is third on the list??

Richie Ginther, Andretti scored 180, Gurney 133 and Ginther 107 (only 102 counted), Phil hill is next on 98 with only 94 counting

9. Poor old Scott Speed, if ever there was a name that said I'm going to have trouble living up to this. Despite finishing well ahead of Liuzzi when he did manage to get the car to the flag, it was Speed who got kicked out mid-season. Which driver replaced him?

Sebastian Vettel

10. And finally, who was the most recent American Driver to race in a Grand Prix?

Alexander Rossi (made his debut in Singapore for Manor just a few weeks ago) Go on, how many of you forgot that ??
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i got 3
but i have an educated guess about death because of P Hill title from 1961 so unsure whether thats too vague count as 4

but funny you should say may see most people score over 0. i think i got 0 so just didnt post on 1 of recent Gp quiz threads
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