2014 Season Review


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Well, what a season that was! First we have to congratulate our new champion, whatever you say about the way Hamilton's 49 point lead was squandered when Magnussen crashed into him at Abu Dhabi, it is fitting that Button should take the title.

This was a successful year for the Brits, Button will be a great ambassador as champion, and Hamilton stands a great chance of getting his charge of murdering Ecclestone down to manslaughter.

The surprise of the season has to be the form of Hulkenburg, who has surely done enough with his third-place finish to earn a Caterham drive next season. His disqualification at Monza for using 100.0000001kg of fuel meant he still hasn't won a race, but it was nice to see Raikkonen on the top step.

Red Bull's return to form in the final quarter of the season was heartening, in that the title was already beyond Vettel. A superb win at Suzuka aside, they have to be disappointed with their performance this season.

The widespread unreliability that lead to Max Chilton's "only finisher" victory at Shanghai was solved by midseason, with 23 finishers at Silverstone. The late Mr. Ecclestone's entry in a 1970s Austin Alegro was ultimately an unsuccessful experiment, especially when he was chased by Der Sweeney at Hockenheim.

And who can forget Vladimir Putin trying to expel Esteban Gutierrez from the Sochi race due to New competency laws for Russian visas. Sauber actually sacked him after the race, concluding the Russian president had a point.

He was not the only driver not to last the season; Fernando Alonso headbutted Luca di Montezemelo after Raikkonen beat him in FP2 at Barcelona, Lotus realised that Hugo Chavez died in 2013 and promptly collapsed, with Grosjean replacing Alonso.

So, Renault recoveries, headbutts, slightly dodgy disqualifications and Marcus Ericsson aside, what could 2015 bring?
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