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As Mark Webber kindly pointed out on the podium interviews Nico Rosberg won last years British GP. On the back of a win in Austria I'm sure Nico will be hoping for the same again and to have the chance to further extend his lead in the drivers title race. But this is the British Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton is bound to be pumped up to put on a good show for his home crowd.

I have a vague recollection of problems with tyres at this race last year. Somehow I don't think there will be a repeat even with the "sharp kerbs" which Pirelli tried to lay the blame on still in place.

Behind the Mercs Williams are clearly the best of the rest or did Austria flatter to deceive? Force India are also there or there abouts and both of the FI drivers seem to be enjoying having the most powerful engine on the grid as they stack others cars up behind them, wearing their tyres down to the canvas.

Red Bull must be getting close to some grid penalties for Vettel with another technical failure in Austria so it looks, once again, like it will be down to Ricciardo to up hold Red Bull and Renault honours in Northamptonshire. Unless they are pushed close again by their junior team, who have shown great pace compared to the Newey cars.

In the middle of all these will be Fernando Alonso who doesn't seem to realise that the Ferrari is crap. Perhaps he should have a chat with Kimi who is making every effort to show just how bad the car is.

There will be some other teams there and of them McLaren might score some points but that's about it. So, after a rousing chorus of God Save the Queen this little island will give us a couple of hours of intense excitement or teeth grinding tedium. I'm sure most that will be there will be hoping for a Lewis win, after all there aren't any other British drivers with a hope in hell of getting in the top 6.
Always look forward to Silverstone but can't help but feel that at somepoint this week Toto Wolff will be sitting down to broker a deal between Lewis and Nico where the Merc 1-2 in Silverstone is led home by Hamitlon and in exchange the Merc 1-2 in Germany is led home by Rosberg.

Whilst I understand it is not that simple, on a PR basis, it is the result Merc would want.
Funny - could've sworn I was supposed to be writing the leader for the British GP...was going to do it today, but thanks for picking up the baton FB!:goodday:

it was only going to be an "Inside the MTC"-style thing anyway...8-)
Last year Hamilton was well ahead of Rosberg when his tyre exploded. This year the tyres will be much more reliable, so I expect Hamilton to win this race. Red Bull will be stronger than in their home grand prix, so perhaps they will fight Williams.
I've been to Silverstone twice. Loved the racing and the atmosphere, but on both occasions there was a pretty nippy wind blowing, and it rained.
From my experience Titch there's a nippy wind blows across Silverstone even on the warmest days. Is it on about the highest point in Northamptonshire? In years gone by the local climate was referred to by some wags as the hair dryer as it would lash down with rain, the sun would then come out and it would be bone dry 30 minutes later due to the wind coming across the circuit.
Sorry, but since seeing the Dunlop film spinning wheels about the 1947 Tour de France many years ago I have been waiting for July 5th 2014. I shall be on the Buttertubs on the Saturday and somewhere on the final climb on Sunday. I just hope that I can get to the recording before hearing the result.

A Mercedes 1-2 seems the most likely result, if Rosberg wins there will be many tears shed.
A Mercedes 1-2 will be the most likely result with Fernando Alonso being the best of the non Mercedes engine drivers, and a DNF for Sebastian Vettel.
A Mercedes 1-2 will be the most likely result with Fernando Alonso being the best of the non Mercedes engine drivers, and a DNF for Sebastian Vettel.

A DNF for Vettel seems likely, but what about Ricciardo? The Red Bulls must be strong at their twisty home circuit. Well... home circuit. That certainly doesn't bode well for them.
I'm expecting the awesome livery that is the Force India to go well here. For me they'll just be best of the rest ahead of Williams.
Hamilton will have the advantage over Rosberg on pace, but I suspect both cars will have reliability issues again. Who will manage the issues better??

Are the Mercs having to push harder because FI and Williams are getting closer?
I suggest this season is starting to mimic 2009 when JB and Rubens fell ass backwards into the Brawn rocket ships and by about half way through the season teams were starting to get to grips with their machinery...but would not be consistent enough to break down their championships lead but good enough to job a win here or there..

RBR will be more competitive here ... Williams pace vs Force India's tyre economy for the 4th or 5th... Alonso driving the wheels off his red metro van... McLaren to release a statement about their updates... Button to state during Saturday they are still working to understand them and Bouiller to talk culture change and harnessing the talent of McLaren to focus on key area's where they will get to most benef..... Blah blah blah... All in response to an insipid 10th place ... Same story different weekend...
Are the Mercs having to push harder because FI and Williams are getting closer?

At the moment Force India seem to be at a level where they can compete by being on an alternate strategy. This generally means Perez/Hulk going for 50 laps on the harder tyre and everyone getting stuck behind them. As long as the Mercs are in front of the FI train they're probably not too bothered.
Hamilton should have the cover of Rosberg here. As for the rest, Red Bull should be performing well, much better than Austria at least. I expect Force India to be in a tight fight with Williams and McLaren for the rest of the points paying position.
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