You Bet 2024

20 E/W George please, seeing as there little or no overtaking and very few high speed corners I'm hoping he can get in the top 4 in qualifying, otherwise I suspect the result will be in Q3 order
im going to go 15ew leclerc. but might change
im going 100ew leclerc

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Il_leone i knew i not put enough on leclerc, nearly went 50ew but at the end of FP3 i was so confident in leclerc i thought if im going to use my joker its go big or go home so very out of character when to a 100ew. even if it did lead to a very stressful qualifying :D
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here we have the results of the Monaco Youbet. & i never figured how to chat about myself winning in 3rd person LOL but i went to the monaco casino & impulsively stuck more than i was comfortable with on red. thankfully Leclerc broke the curse & brought me home nearly 4 figure profit. & huge lead in the championship

& also great mention to Bleu who the only other person who left the monaco casino in profit

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problem i have is do i go risky with wet weather forecast all 3 days & go for lewis in the wet or do i go for lando who i think will win his 2nd gp if it stays dry
Here are the results for The Canadian youbet. its congratulations to Il_leone who takes their 2nd victory of the season as Hamilton brought a 3 figure return for them

honourable mention to Greenlantern101 for making a profit & a huge shoutout to Dartman their patience was rewarded for the 1st time this season they have made a profit. & moving up from last to 5th

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