Tennis Wimbledon 2015

Nadal has relied far more on one Slam to boost his total than his contemporaries - he's never won any other than Roland Garros more than twice...
I really like Dustin Brown. It has nothing to do with the fact that he is really dishy. Everything to do with his Tennis.
Seriously he played some brilliant tennis.
Still .....
Doesnt surprise me nadals wimbledon exit expected it after his poor French open because if he made 2nd 1st & 4th rd after winning French open then surely qf of French means he couldve been a sitting duck at Wimbledon, but credit to Dustin brown played great
I think his (Nadal's) best days are probably behind him now. When you've spent most of your career struggling with knee problems your whole body tends to age quicker...
Really hoping Heather Watson puts up a fight against Serena Williams later today. I really don't like that woman.
You don't often go Into a game expecting a loss but this is. As serena is so far head & shoulders above the rest of the draw she won the French open half fit & with a cold. But it will be a great learning experience for her
Wells in a nice way she made me look like a right prat haha because realistically I didnt think she had a chance but that go for majority of the women's draw as serena is that good but she played unbelievablely well easily best tennis of her career I was catching up on sky f1 show from Thursday as I work thurs night & was stunned to see not only level but a break up & for the 2nd time this week a British sportswomen may have lost she made us so proud

Although surprised at serena has she forgotten she was playing a brit at Wimbledon of course theres going to be noise just like Murray
I'm bored of hearing a number of people say that womens tennis isn't as good as the mens. I quite and enjoy watching the women play at a slightly slower pace and move the ball around a lot more. So much of mens tennis is about the boom, boom, pow of the serve and return. Don't get me wrong, it is faster paced and contains some great contests but watching the Williams v Waston match last week was absolutely brilliant, the way that Heather varied her game against the power of Williams was fantastic. Two very different styles and it came so close to paying off.
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