Grand Prix 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Howdy y'all, the next race will be in the entertainment capital of the world, sin city, city that never sleeps, brightest city in the world. Las Vegas Nevada

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this is a realisation of the sports nearly 50 yr dream to get F1 on the Las Vegas strip, as those who followed the sport for a while will know that this isnt the 1st time we have been in Las Vegas as we had finales to the 1981 & 1982 that are remembered for all the wrong reasons. the ignominious Caesars Palace GP with the racetrack in the car park of the hotel. so bad it pops up in every list of the worst 5 circuits for F1 to race on. although whether this is a 1 off or fulfils its 10 yr contract remains to be scene because from the bits ive seen the locals aren't happen with the infrastructure needed for the race to take place

i think we are all concerned that this race will become where the on track become hugely overshadowed by what happens off track, especially with an opening ceremony, taking place on Wednesday evening, also this will be the first world championship race to be held on a Saturday for 38 years, since the 1985 South African GP at Kyalami. & alot has been made of racing on a Saturday although due to time differences unless your watching on the West coast & central America or Mexico. its business as usual & the race in the uk is no different to the Japanese gp starting at 6am on a sunday. although like buses you wait 38 years for a saturday race & 3 of the next 4 come along

i think the times are a bit weird not sure why Qualifying starting at the ridiculous local time of midnight, doesnt help the reputation that F1 is there for the fans, as i cant imagine going to a sporting event that finishes at after 1.30am. i think im right that the qualifying & the race will take place on the same day for the 1st time since japan 2005


i like the track on paper ive driven it quite a few times on the F1 2023 game. its fast its flowing, yes its going to pass all the major Landmarks, but its also got a huge back straight potentially the 2nd biggest F1 has seen 1.9km then a chicane followed by 800m straight to the 1st corner, but so many circuits look good on paper & fail in reality. it even has a nod to the Caesars palace circuit i mentioned earlier. the track conditions are appartantly a big worry to all the teams because it weird turn of events in 6 weeks we could have 1 of the hottest F1 races in Qatar & now in Las Vegas they are concerned it could be coldest race since Canada in 1978. where they are expecting temperatures of 6c, which teams thing will make tyre warm up a nightmare & have issues with cold graining

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im looking forward to see Verstappen delaying the podium to stick his puffer coat on, if its anything like the 1978 Canadian GP podium
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i guess the only way to end this is VIVA LAS VEGAS & what stays Vegas wont be staying in Vegas


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What an outstanding looking track. I for one am delighted that the US gets a third race especially in such an iconic city. Seeing the cars roar along the strip will make the heart sing.

Holding the sessions in the early hours of the morning in Europe is a brilliant idea because it means we can watch the GP and then get on with our day.

It should be a really close race as well with all of the teams learning their way around the track. I can't wait to tune in for more awesome, wheel to wheel action as the season continues to ramp up towards a thrilling climax.
I fear the cringe level is going to be off the scale with this race weekend.
This feels like it is going to be the realisation, of the wet dream of what Liberty wanted F1 to look like when they took over.
i think the slogan for the off track activities should be " & you thought miami over the top"
The track layout puts me in mind of Long Beach, which back in the 80's used to produce some good races. The problem we will have in Vegas is seeing through the hype and the tat. Will Diana Ross be making a comeback on the podium?
Will Diana Ross be making a comeback on the podium?
she'll probally miss the target again LOL

i can see alot of red flags, because especially down that 1.9km back straight then into the quick chicane, as there no such thing as a small accident there, if you lock up your go straight into the barrier at 200mph
It's a power track apparently
yeah its the 2nd half of the circuit that will do it its 6km track the 1st half reminds me of jeddah. but nearly 2nd half of that just 2 huge straights. monza was 161mph, Vegas could be 155mph

i put the F1 2023 on board lap, if you want to have a good idea of it
A new low reached by the sport I used to love.
That's nothing, I heard that the regulations around jewellery will be relaxed to allow the drivers to wear a unique "Elvis Presley" themed race suit.
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