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Something a bit different for this PQR thread, here's a quiz all about the Canadian Grand Prix.

1. One of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, Alain Prost, has only won the Canadian GP on one occasion. What year was it?

1993, when at Williams

2. How many other French drivers have won the Canadian race?

Two - Prost's nemesis, Rene Arnoux, and Jaques Laffite - My apologies, the answer is three as I missed out Jean Alesi who raced under the French flag

3. Continuing the French theme, how many French engine manufacturers have won in Canada?

Two - Renault (of course) and Matra

4. Nelson Piquet won the race in 1982 in the Brabham BMW. Why was this odd given what happened in the previous race?

At the previous race in Detroit Piquet had failed to qualify the same car

5. Apart from Schumacher (M) and Hamilton only one other driver has won successive Canadian Grands Prix at the Circuit Ile Notre Dame/Gilles Villeneuve. Who is it?

Alan Jones in 1980 and 1981

6. What's unusual about the pit lane in Canada?

It's on the outside of the circuit

7. Gilles Villeneuve famously won his first Grand Prix in Canada in 1978. Which other driver from North America has also won the race?

Peter Revson in 1973 for McLaren

8. What was special about the 2001 race result?

It was the first time siblings had finished first and second in Grand Prix - 1st Schumacher (R), 2nd Schumacher (M)

9. Jenson Button famously stole the race from Sebastian Vettel in 2011. Ignoring the length of time the race took to run, what other record did Button set?

He made five pit stops, as well as having a drive through penalty which doesn't count

10. The 2005 race was the most watched F1 race of all time. Who won it?

Kimi Raikkonen in a McLaren

The race takes place over 70 laps and starts at 6:30 pm BST in the UK. Enjoy.
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Raced off the line with 4 from 4 and then exploded like this seasons Ferrari engine and failed to finish.

Fortunately Michael Masi checked my answers and it turns out I got 10 out of 10. Bonus !!!

I like the Candadian GP.
Could be a interesting start to the weekend. sunday is the only fully dry day forecasted

Environment Canada Severe Thunderstorm

Watch Source: Environment Canada

START 09:26 Thursday 06/16

severe thunderstorm watch in effect, Severe thunderstorms on the menu today. The hot and humid weather forecast will be conducive to the development of severe thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The main threats associated with these storms are strong gusty winds, torrential rain and large hail. A tornado potential is also present for the day.

### Water activities could be dangerous due to the violent and sudden gusts that blow on the water bodies.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada.
To report severe weather, email or tweet using the hashtag #meteoqc.

Lightning kills and injures Canadians every year. Don't forget: when the thunder rumbles, go inside quickly!
Oh no, Rain.

Right chaps, pack up and move on to the next race. Award Verstappen the win and.move on.

We can't have driving in the wet these days. Someone may fail to finish.
2011 anyone again although judging todays pathetic race control handling we would probably get two parade laps before Verstappen is declared the winner... whoops realised they need to do racing laps now
It is indeed, and I have edited the answer.
Did you think he was Italian?
sunday will be dry from what ive seen & potentially just FP3 being wet as qualifying could be dry. but if the rain that has hit yesterday & today. it will be red flagged because it was like malaysia 2009.
Oh no, Rain.

Right chaps, pack up and move on to the next race. Award Verstappen the win and.move on.

We can't have driving in the wet these days. Someone may fail to finish.
We can't have driving in the wet these days because they don't know how to drive in the rain..
absolute masterclass from verstappen in qualifying. cant spin any other way numerous times he was going a second a lap clear of the field. but fair play to alonso outstanding 40yrs old & was the only 1 to get closer & driving like its 2006. delivering on what Australia promised. even as it was drying out

Hamilton great lap to stick 4th on the grid highest he been in some time. 2 Haas drivers both drove very well to be 5th & 6th

then on to dodgy parts you have to think that the writing is on the wall for latifi. rumours dont help that piastri Britain me spa & being nearly 2 seconds slower than your teammate will only fan the flames. at what point does Lawrence Stroll make the unthinkable decision of sacking his own son because stroll used to excel in the wet but was a second off his teammate who had no grip in completely different car to FP3

then poor Perez his championship hopes have faded in 6 days quicker than they arrived
I know I've said this many times before but why are penalties applied after qualifying and not before?

Leclerc was always going to start from the back of the grid but was allowed to run in Q1 therefore preventing Gasly from making it into Q2.

Could you imagine if a football team was given a 12 point deduction at the start of the season but it wasn't applied until after the bottom 3 teams had been relegated even though, had it been applied before hand the penalised team would have gone down?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the penalty should be applied at the start of qualifying and count at each phase. Therefore, Leclerc could have gone out in Q1 but would have still finished bottom and gone out.

If a driver has a 5 place drop before hand, he could finish 9th in Q1 and in reality be classified 14th at that point and still go into Q2. If he then finished Q2 9th, in reality he would be 14th and out. This method doesn't penalise the driver who finishes 11th in Q2 and, under the current system, gets knocked out but later knows he's going to get bumped to 10th due to penalties without getting the benefits of finishing 10th and going through to Q3.
The reason is under the regulations that cars must qualify and set a time, this ensures all cars are capable of running within whatever the time difference is now from the fastest qualifier, should a car not be able to qualify due to either mechanical problems or an accident they need permission to race based on their practice results. The moment they enter parc ferme the car is fixed, should a car not qualify then there is no parc ferme and if the other team car qualifies badly then the car not qualifying can be tweeted especially if it is still being "worked on", so the rules exist to ensure a. The car is race worthy, and b. We don't have a whole pile of cars at the back of the grid being fine tuned on the results of the no2 car, because such is the ways of F1
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