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If you was Frank Williams and you were deciding a drivers to go with to try and get yourself back in the points would you go for either:


Raikkonen is a former F1 world champion and on his day is as quick as anyone and would drag a car into the points weekend in weekend out. Raikkonen can be prone to an accident on occassions but so is any other driver. Downside for Kimi is he's been outta F1 for 2 years and the rules have changed an awful lot since his time in F1.


He is quite capable of getting a car into the points which has been proved this season with a car that is in the points regularly this season. He may not be a standout star like Kimi but he's quite capable of doing a job. Like Kimi he's prone to an accident every now and again. Also Sutil looks like he could do with a new challenge and looks like he could be replaced at Force India by Nico Hulkenberg with Di Resta likely to be annouced any time soon.


Once a race winner he's struggled this year at team Willy but he has bags full of experience on his side. But does his age count against him and is it about time he hangs up his driving gloves?


Maldonado brings money to the team, but so Did Hulkenberg before him and if Kimi signs he'll bring money to the team. Has Maldonado shown enough this season to warrant a drive for next year?

So my question is which two would you sign up if you were Frank Williams?
I'd go for Sutil and Maldonado. Raikkonen, regardless of his pedigree and accolades isn't a miracle worker. The car is shit, will remain at least semi-shit for another year or so (at best) and no amount of WDC experience can change that. Mercedes anyone? End.
I would sign Raikkonen and Sutil. If not then replace Sutil with Barrichello.

As Adam Parr said on the BBC F1 Forum, having a F1 World Champion will energise the team, he Raikkonen will be more hungrier than before, plus he will attract more sponsors, will consistently get points and sometimes a bit extra when it's there for the taking, therefore being better in the long term.

I think Sutil has more to offer than Barrichello, he's young, has a bit of experience, and he's not got into many incidents this season, and not many last season either, plus he has personal sponsors which will help.

Barrichello, well the only thing that I can think of that will favour him is, experience and stability, the teams had a major shake up in many departments, and keeping a driver might just help.

I forgot about Maldonado, but I actually think he's not a bad candidate, he's been on par and beating Barrichello regularly recently, he's lost some of the 'error prone' which he had early on in the season, he really should have more points than Barrichello. I don't know if he will bring sponsors next year or not since it's been reported that the Venzulean sponsor that Williams have are now 'independent', rather than with Maldonado.

But I would preferably like to see Raikkonen and Sutil/Maldonado.

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I would go for Maldonado and Raikkonen, and put him on a performance related bonus scheme.

There is scope with strong sponsorship links that hiring Kimi could be good for the team finiancially.

Martin Whitmarsh and Stefano Domenicali have also said that Frank should hire Kimi.

That said, they could have ulterior motives!!!
Interesting views lads or lasses.

Agree with you to some extent The pits on Raikkonen been on a performance related bonus. But one things for sure i've missed Kimi in the last couple of years and with no Kubica this season aswell it's not been all that comical.
Interesting views lads or lasses.

Agree with you to some extent The pits on Raikkonen been on a performance related bonus. But one things for sure i've missed Kimi in the last couple of years and with no Kubica this season aswell it's not been all that comical.

Yeah I particularly enjoyed Raikkonen's season in 2009 and Kubica's season in 2010 in lesser cars. Two exciting drivers, would like to see both of them back, both are talented and can win in cars that are not the fastest, enjoy seeing both of them wrestle their car to the top. :)
Lol if was boss, proberly none from that list....
But from that list id pick Raikonen and Barrichello.

Kimi - out of those four, if i got a kimi thats motivated and really wants to come back, Ive then got one hell of a driver. Its worth the risk, He is the sort of guy that could hustle a good result out of a poor car.

Rubens - I don't buy the "He's Old and he's crap" line. Ive said before I think this season shows more how poor Williams have been then anything else. He gives continuity to team, a good marker for how the team is moving forward or not, and is a consistant driver who makes few mistakes.

But i suspect it will be Sutil and Maldonado purely for money reasons. Not that i think either are slouches, not exactly world beaters either. The qutar Link is an inresting one though.

More importantly though, Williams need a stronger car, Techincal changes may bring that but, this is a pointless thread if they are as disapointing nest season as they are this one.
More or less what Porceliamone said. I'd go for the two drivers that left me with the biggest budget available to develop the new car.

Raikkonen might provide sponsorship but it depends on what sort of money he wants himself. It strikes me as odd that the team would be dependent on him being a driver for this Qatari sponsorship, but what do I know?

If it was solely down to ability I'd have Kimi and Rubens.
I don't know the Williams budget, so I can scarcely comment. But, to be quite frank*, I suspect that Williams would put Sakon Yamamoto in the second car if it brought them some cash.

On talent, Raikkonen and Sutil and hope they don't hit each other. In practice, they may have to take Maldonado or Grosjean (if they're looking for favours from Renault).

*No pun intended
Rubens and Adrian. Why? ... because:

Williams team has completed re-organisation of team personnel as winter testing begins. 2012 will be the first full season for the new structure which will need to bed in. It is a new development season and it will be at least two seasons for the team to return to the kind of form it needs to get truly competitive with and into the top three or four runners.

2012 Tests, practise and qualifying:

With Kimi and Pastor:
Kimi would drive the car until it breaks then go off for the rest of the day to enjoy himself. Williams engineers scratch their heads because they have no useful information. Next day Kimi has a hangover but that doesn't stop him doing the same again ... most days.
Pastor drives the car until he loses his temper and crashes. Goes back to the pits, apologises and the goes off to sulk a bit before heading off to find Kimi and having a good time so that he can get over it.

With Rubens and Adrian:
Rubens drives the car up to but not beyond the limit, relays detailed information about what the car is doing, how it feels, what he thinks is good or bad. He returns to garage.and reads all the data, gives some more information then takes the evening off to come back refreshed to do it all again the next day. Rubens retires aged 40 at end of season having reached a record 20 seasons in F1.
Adrian drives the car as fast as he thinks he should, relays almost as much useful stuff as Rubens, only less because of he's not been around for 300+ GP's.

2012 Race-days

With Kimi and Pastor:
Kimi would drive the car until he wins (which he won't because the team needs the whole year to develop the team and a good enough car), crashes or it breaks then go off for the rest of the day to enjoy himself.
Pastor drives the car to the top ten or until he loses his temper and crashes.

With Rubens and Adrian:
Rubens drives the car to the top ten or until he and crashes or is crashed into. He will crash less often, score some points and will not break the car.
Adrian will drive the car into solid points scoring positions. If the car is quick enough he will get on the podium. He will crash occasionally but not a lot and not too badly unless someone else crashes into him.
Edit: Forgot the end or should I say the beginning: Rubens and Adrian's efforts and those of the engineers have paved the way for Williams' most competitive season for years in 2013. Adrian is partnered by a new fast bloke and together they start to bring back trophies. By 2014 they are competitive with the top end of the grid.:)
I'm with Fenderman on this but I suspect we'll actually end up with Pastor and Adrian.
I just can't see talent winning over hard cash.
I think the Kimi stuff is all about window dressing for sponsorship money.
Williams need good driver feedback but I think everyone has lost patience with Rubens; although he doesn't deserve the blame. It has been clear that Williams has been struggling behind the scenes and it appears to have been structural rather than talent. It will be interesting to see how they develop over the next couple of years but I'm not expecting anything special next year.
Which is a shame because I want them back...
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