Poll Will Bernie Go To Jail?

Will Bernie Go To Jail?

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He is in court again. Will the tax dodging, pay off slinging 'supremo' get away with it?

Just wondered what everyone thought.
I voted no but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to, people with money will always win no matter what the charges are, you only have to look at Michael Jackson and O J Simpson getting away with pedophilia and murder, or the way big corporate people can get away with paying **** all taxes and MP's claiming expenses that bear no resemblance to actual day to day work related expenses whilst letting the poor starve and freeze to death to know that this is how the system works...

Sure they will put on a show to convince us that justice has been done but it will make **** all difference to the outcome, but to be honest if it hadn't have been outed by the press and the geezer who is behind bars in Germany and brought to the attention of the public domain there wouldn't even be a trial regardless of the truth of the matter...

Most people will call me a cynic but in fact I am a realist and see human greed and segregation for what it is, the rich get richer and do and get away with what the hell they want with no repercussions whilst the poor will always be shat on and be banged up for stealing a sandwich..
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As I said in another thread about a year ago - I think he's relishing having his day in court and pitting his wits against the legal system. He'll just misdirect and obfuscate them until the case collapses ultimately through lack of concrete evidence he did anything wrong. It's really just sport to him now.

Was anyone fooled by his "doddery old gimmer" routine with the revolving door? I think he was sending the message that he fully expects to leave the court by the front door...
Should any potential jurors be F1 fans, I'm not sure whether you guys are suggesting it would be a good or bad thing for Bernie? ;)
I haven't voted. The options are too prejudiced.

However, he will get away with it - civil courts tend to be irrelevant, so no-one gives a stuff!
Bernie and Stuart are both 83 , I believe. The difference lies in the sort of Court, not the offence
Bernie is one of those individuals that I believe would find a thundering great fine more distressing than the prospect of incarceration. Hammer his wallet for 500 million pounds and he actually MIGHT change his ways!
A German court put Gerhard Gribkowsky in prison for receiving a bribe, so the criminality of that act already is established. Now the giver of that bribe is in the dock for that same act. I have to think that the German judiciary must be considering the impact on public perceptions of their competency and fairness if they should rule that A=B but B≠A.

But then, that is only logic, which has only a superficial connection to the law.
on a side note nice to see BErnie try and stoke up the flames a bit saying Christian Horner is his successor in trying to drive a wedge within FOTA particularly at Luca DI Montezemolo whilst knowing Red Bull supposedly are being ganged up upon by Mclaren and Ferrari
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