Where has the Latest Threads link gone?

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There are some big changes coming to the site later this year, with the release of version 1.2.0 of the software.
In anticipation of that, I am starting to remove some customised components and edits which have been made, partly to make the upgrade easier and also to make it easier to maintain going forward.

Is that why "latest threads" has gone? I miss it already :(
New threads shows me new threads but "latest threads" shows me recent updates to old threads. I found the latest threads on the home page and if I click that I can see this thread as part of the list. What's new doesn't show me this thread, presumably because it is old?
Yes, the What's New link fetches only unread posts.

The Recent Threads link fetches all posts from the last 7 days, read and unread.

The link is still available from the What's New page, I just copied it and added it to the nav bar.
For those who aren't aware of the link:



Ok. I think I only see that recent thread link on the what's new page when I mark all threads as read.

I think I will go via the home page where the recent threads link still sits in the nav bar as I can't possibly read all the content on here :)
The link shows up both when there are new posts and no new posts.
The position just changes, as the screenshots above show.

I can't possibly read all the content on here :)
I don't understand?

The links on the two screenshots above do exactly the same as the link which used to be on the forum page nav bar did and which the link on the home page nav bar still does.

The functionality still exists, the link is just only available in four places now instead of five:
  1. On the What's New page when there are unread posts
  2. On the What's New page when there are no unread posts
  3. On the Home page navigation bar
  4. On the Home page in the sidebar
All of those links do exactly the same thing as the now removed link from the forum home page nav bar.
Ah! I didn't see the second image or find the link when I first looked. I can now. Thanks!
I'm still a little confused about your comment though jez101..
I can't possibly read all the content on here :)

Whether you have marked all posts read or not, using both of the links in the two images will give you exactly the same content.



As will the Latest Threads link which is still on the home page nav bar.

The functionality is identical in all three (four) cases.
This will take some getting used to. It was useful being able to jump straight to the latest threads no matter what page you're on. When browsing from a PC there is hardly any difference but when using a phone and having to wait a while for a page to load before being able to click on the link you want could get annoying especially in low signal areas. I tend to come on here during my daily commute so mobile browsing would be easier for me.
If I can find a way of restoring all of the manual edits automatically then I will do so.

I have less and less inclination to spend time and effort working on and maintaining the site though, so I will be doing anything I can do to reduce the man hours I spend on it.

The last five years has made it clear to me me that whether I spend 100 hours a week on it or 1 hour a week, it makes no difference with regards to activity and growth, so I'm going for the latter now and going to actually have a life :)
My comment was simply that I don't have time to read everything that everyone writes! There is just so much :)

Don't be concerned - enjoy the extra time you have :)
Where has the latest threads link gone? I click that more than anything else on the whole site and I can't find it anymore. It seems I now have to navigate out of the forums to the homepage to get to the link that tells me what's new in the forums. Feels like walking out of the kitchen to see what's in the fridge. Is this part of the upgrade work or something that has dropped off with a recent upgrade? I'm a bit lost without it.
Don't give up, Brogan. We need you. :)

I hadn't seen the above. I had to ask. When a feature with as heavy usage as I imagine this has disappears then of course people will ask about it. I've now read this thread and understand your reasoning for removing the link.

I have saved a shortcut to the "Latest Threads" page on my taskbar. It's not ideal but quicker than circumnavigating through navigating to other pages to find the link. Others might try the same as a fix up until and if this is restored. PM me for instructions if you lost.
Perhaps someone can explain to me why they use Latest Threads over What's New? (now renamed New Threads)?

Are people re-reading threads and posts they have already read, even when there are no new posts?
I use(d) it because that was where I could see everything new, including new posts on very old threads (like the Site Suggestions one which wasn't on What's New, but was on Latest Threads whenever something was added).

It was because Whats New was missing a chunk of the site. :)
The Site Suggestions thread will be on What's New if there are unread posts.
As with all other threads from each and every forum.

What's New covers the whole site - every single forum and thread.

I can't help thinking there's some user error going on here.

I'm trying to get to the bottom of it to see why people don't think What's New is useful.
Latest threads actually gives (gave) you latest posts which is why I use it. Not so much a user error as a labelling error. It does what I want it to despite it telling me it's going to do something it doesn't do.
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