Where has the Latest Threads link gone?

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I didn't start the discussion, another member did.

Would you have preferred I just closed the thread with no acknowledgement nor explanation?
I wasn't aware. I just assumed that threads about site features would be created by you, or another representative of CTA (who represents you). Discussion and acknowledgement is good. It is something I would encourage. I understand your reasoning and your explanation. I am not satisfied that you have received my comments and suggestions constructively rather than obstructively but am satisfied that they have been acknowledged and understood - which is all I ask. My only reason for continued discussion on this point is that I didn't have that that satisfaction earlier on.

I am sorry if this has been a headache for you.
Anyone is free to start a thread in this forum about any aspect of the site.

From the forum description:
News and announcements will be posted here. It's also the place to give your feedback on any aspect of the site.
It is consistent with New Threads, which is the stock phrase, so no.

Please don't be annoyed with me, Brogan, as I am just trying to help and be constructive. I just went to Xenforo to request "New threads" be changed to "New posts" but, of course, it has already been changed to "What's new" which you have adopted here. So this old gripe of mine has been addressed already.

This brings me back to the renaming of "Latest threads" to "Latest posts". The argument against, based on convention, no longer holds as the convention now no longer exists, presumably as others found it misleading too.
Actually it's the other way around.

What's New? is the current name, which can be seen on XenForo.com.
It will be changing to New Threads in the next release - I have just pre-empted it by changing it here already.

The Latest Threads link was something I added myself manually so the suggestion would be to add that as a standard link in the nav bar.
I don't think it will be though as that link is currently available from the New Threads page anyway.

It won't hurt to ask though.
Yes, but no-one from there reads this forum so I figured I could get away with it without any issue.
Cool. Is there any opportunity to feed back on a release candidate before it is versioned and released or shall I wait until it has been released before I mention it again? Seems a good opportunity to raise it in advance given your shared insider knowledge.
Really you need to bring up the semantics/phrasing issues on XenForo.com.

I'm just an end user of the software.

As I made clear in those other posts.
Jen. With all due respect, but out. I am very aware of Brogan's efforts and am nothing less than appreciative of them. Something that I am certain that he is very aware of. Customer feedback isn't always what a site owner expects and isn't always positive and any website or product owner knows that. If you read my posts again you will see that all I have done is to provide constructive feedback, offer solutions and also communicate with the xenforo team on issues which are out of Brogan's hands.

I would suggest that my feedback is more valuable than your non-feedback so why not stay on topic and say something useful?Preferably after you have dismounted your high-horse and stopped arse-kissing.

Brogan, +1 from me on Jen's second statement.
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