Where has the Latest Threads link gone?

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Jesus people get over it, it ain't no biggie I got used to it quick enough and if it makes Brogan's life easier then all the better or would you rather see him pack it in altogether.....?

He runs this site for our benefit not his own so cut him some slack...
Ya know it was only when seeing this thread that I realised why my alerts tab was slightly to the right of where it had been. Having read this thread I'm a little confused as to how everyone else uses the website.

Personally I click on alerts that tells me when anything has been added to threads I'm watching or I've been tagged in or I click on forums and flick through the catogries looking for topics in bold to indicate I haven't read them when looking for new content. Am I showing some lack of IT skills by doing it that way? Starting to think I'm a dunce.
I use Alerts and New Threads and that's about it.

Click on Alerts and respond to any replies, quotes, taggings as necessary.

Click on New Threads, read topic of interest.
Click on New threads again, read next topic of interest.
Rinse and repeat.

Once all topics of interest have been read, click on Mark Forums Read.
Hi everyone

Clearly people use the links provided differently to navigate quickly. Personally, I'm a Latest Threads user because it suits the way I reference threads I'm following, which is to be able to see the threads I've read, whether they've been updated or not.

To get around it I've used the link with the day=7 part in it and bookmarked it onto my browser bar.
Seriously, give it a break.

Going on and on about it just makes me less inclined to find a way to replace it.
Whilst we are on the topic of this link. Could it be relabelled (on the homepage navigation) as "Latest posts" rather than "Latest threads". This would reduce the confusion between other links and also be more indicative of what it actually does. "Latest threads" is misleading as clicking on it doesn't actually show you latest threads. It shows you threads with new posts in order of the timestamp of those posts.
I am not going on and on about it, Brogan. I made the point once and my response was "FFS, I give up". I explained the point further and you said you were confused. I explained it further still and you ignored me. It might sound like I'm going on and on about it, but perhaps I am just looking for some sensible aknowledgement.

Website users are not all the same and not everyone uses the site in the same way as yu do. You seem to get frustrated that they don't but surely it's better to listen to how other users interact with the website and try and put yourself in their shoes. Getting upset with them for not being you is futile.
It is consistent with New Threads, which is the stock phrase, so no.

Fair enough. Do you think it's worth me raising this on xenforo?

[EDIT] "Latest threads is unique to CTA so there's no point in me doing that. Sorry for confusion.
The FFS, I give up was because you had failed to read the previous posts discussing the subject.

I did not ignore you - you never explained the issue and still haven't.

Good for you guys,
perhaps I am just looking for some sensible aknowledgement.
Now you really are pissing me off with your ****ing snide comments.
You seem to have a knack of really getting on people's nerves with the way you interact with them.
Perhaps you should reflect on how you approach things like this?

It will not be changing now.
Even if XenForo does change it, I will purposely keep it as it is just to annoy you.
I'm going to remain civil, as there is nothing to be gained from doing otherwise.

Another suggestion. If you are to make changes which are not up for discussion then perhaps don't create a thread about them. It might be better to use the "notice" feature, which simply informs users and allows them to acknowledge and then dismiss.

However you personally take my comments and suggestions, I am just trying to be helpful. I am not trying to be purposely annoying as you have stated is your intention. Surely it would just create more work for you to change the stock solution to annoy me which doesn't square with your comment that you are not willing to change stock solutions due to extra effort. It is saddening that the only reason that you would undertake this extra effort is to annoy me, rather than to benefit of your user-base.

Blimey, Brogan. Now I give up. Perhaps some reflection is required from both ends of this "discussion". I don't have a naughty step to put you on, though, so I'll just fall in line.
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