Where has the Latest Threads link gone?

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Jen. With all due respect, but out. I am very aware of Brogan's efforts and am nothing less than appreciative of them. Something that I am certain that he is very aware of. Customer feedback isn't always what a site owner expects and isn't always positive and any website or product owner knows that. If you read my posts again you will see that all I have done is to provide constructive feedback, offer solutions and also communicate with the xenforo team on issues which are out of Brogan's hands.

I would suggest that my feedback is more valuable than your non-feedback so why not stay on topic and say something useful?Preferably after you have dismounted your high-horse and stopped arse-kissing.

Brogan, +1 from me on Jen's second statement.
How dare you:

Suggest that anything on this site is out of Brogan's hands

Suggest that your know-it-all feedback is more worthy than mine.

Suggest that I am on a high horse.

Suggest that I am 'kissing arse' - to what end?

And please don't start off with the 'all due respect' line - it immediately suggests that you have none
OK, let's draw a line under this emotive issue.

The fault is mine for putting the damn link up there in the first place and then assuming no-one used it because it is essentially redundant :givemestrength:

If I can find a way to add the link back which doesn't entail any manual work going forwards then I will do so.
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