The Future Of F1

What is right really depends on ones own values and they differ from grudging acceptance to outright opposition or slavish agreement no one really is right because right has no arguable definitionin this case only an opinion.

Yeah this is true to a degree however, as Brogan has said, just because something was always done that way doesn't make it alright.

If I disagree with Boris and his policies I can vote and I can have open discourse through social media, the press and any number of ways. I can legally stand on a soap box at speakers corner and rant to my hearts content.

A journalist who was critical of the Saudi regime was beaten to a pulp and brutally murdered by state thugs. You can't tell me, regardless of your point of view that's acceptable?

It's arguable that life in Iran under the Shah was little better for the average Iranian than it is now under the Islamic rule but either way the people of Iran have absolutely the right to openly challenge their leadership without fear of being locked up, tortured or detained.

Society has shifted a great deal in the last 50 years. Before WW2 the world contained just 11 democracies. The whole democratic principle is still in its infancy in most countries. That's why it needs to be protected and nurtured.
The problem is that democracy is a western invention and despite our views we do not have the right to inflict them on others, we may be in our opinion morally right but to others it is a weakness, it's moot to consider it is right to go to war on moral grounds for regime change because of conflicting views, it's also illegal under the UN.
The case of Saudi having oil is also moot they are courted for their money which is a by product of oil, they have always behaved that way, just happened that in the case of the journalist they did it the wrong way to keep it quiet, unlike Russia there was no way it was deniable, the old adage of don't poo on your doorstep applies.
I don't consider any of these actions correct or their laws are medieval and should be bought into the 21st century, but I am a westerner and have lived under a democracy for over 70 years, however I do wonder whether our laws and punishment have gone to far towards them being completely ineffective. Possibly the rot set in when it was decided prison was a place to rehabilitate instead of punishment, hanging was abolished so basically there is no fear, in the PC world people should not live in fear, it is a human basic attribute to fear and weigh the balance as to action and retribution to the action, if there is no retribution there is no fear and the action will go ahead.
With F1 the tracks and cars have been sanitised to the point that they have to introduce rules to replace the fear either of death or injury with time punishments or at the worst disqualification, whilst I don't advocate death or injury as a deterrent to dangerous actions or using run off areas to optimise a lap I would introduce a surface in the off limits area the would seriously reduce lap times or put the car out of the race.
Both in the world and F1 the punishment has gone and transgressors have the option to take their chance as getting caught may not detrimental to the outcome.
To me F1 and the whole car culture are headed to hell in a hand basket. No real petrolhead is going to get worked up over the hybrid cars. F1 sucks because of the energy recovery and the race results prove my point. Go back and look at the 1970 and 1971 racing seasons and you will see real racing. F1 was great as were the endurance cars. Not to mention Trans Am, Can Am and Indy cars. Today reminds me of 1970 because I use to race electric slot cars in 1970. The cost has killed F1 fields. 20 cars and a couple of the teams are always hop and skip away from going under.
My answer is to do way with all energy recovery and let F1 teams run 3 cars if they want. In 1971 BRM ran 5 cars at Watkin Glen. The more cars on the track the better. F3 seems to have big fields and it works.
interesting news that has really gone under the radar the 90 min practise session, which have been going (i dont know how long) 30 - 50 years?? is now going to be 3 1 hour sessions
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| Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (

F1 practice sessions set to be reduced to one hour in 2021 – Motorsport Week
P1 and P2 will take place on the second day of the event... I didn't realise Thursday was counted as day 1 of the event (except for Monaco, where I now expect Wednesday is day 1? :s)
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