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Liberty presented their vision of the future today in a presentation to the teams. It is rather loose so expect lots of speculation and argument before this is all agreed. The Bullet points in the press release are below. It all sounds promising but the exact details of how they are going to achieve this wish list has not been stated.

Liberty reveals vision for cheaper, more spectacular F1

Power units (PU)
• The PU must be cheaper, simpler, louder, have more power and reduce the necessity of grid penalties.
• It must remain road relevant, hybrid and allow manufacturers to build unique and original PU.
• New PU rules must be attractive for new entrants and Customer teams must have access to equivalent performance.

• Liberty believes how you spend the money must be more decisive and important than how much money you spend.
• While there will be some standardised elements, car differentiation must remain a core value.
• Implement a cost cap that maintains Formula 1 position as the pinnacle of motorsport with a state-of-the-art technology.

• The new revenue distribution criteria must be more balanced, based on meritocracy of the current performance and reward success for the teams and the Commercial Rights Holder.
• F1s unique, historical franchise and value must and will still be recognised.
• Revenue support to both cars and engine suppliers.

Sporting and technical rules & regulations
• It wants to make cars more raceable to increase overtaking opportunities.
• Engineering technology must remain a cornerstone but driver's skill must be the predominant factor in the performance of the car.
• The cars must and will remain different from each other and maintain performance differentiators like aerodynamics, suspensions and PU performance. However, we believe areas not relevant to fans need to be standardised.

• A simple and streamlined structure between the teams, the FIA and Formula 1.
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Sounds great. I worry about road relevance because its not just F1 by 2021 most of the world wont be fuel based. It will be batteries & hydrogen. So i feel we are going down a cul de sac with that. But rest is good not bothered overtaking like punte del este Forumla e race proved i just want to get cars to follow

I like cost cap as i said on liberty thread this morning. $150m is about £107m (5.1m a race) which i like because ive said before that a budget of around Force India Is enough. Because look at how great their car was in 2015 2016 & 2017 despite spending so little compared to rivals they were beating
The teams overthrew an FIA president and put their own puppet in charge last time someone tried to implement a budget cap.
Sounds great. I worry about road relevance because its not just F1 by 2021 most of the world wont be fuel based.

No. No. No. No, they will still be fuel based. Solely fuel based. Hydrogen is more or less out of question, for some reason the car companies aren't interested in developing that technology anymore.
It would be nice if F1, as it is a prototype series, would go ahead and develop a hydrogen engine.

We've heard it all before.

Spot on. Same old same old.
Not only is it the same old same but if you cut through the jargon it doesn't really say anything at all. It's all very vague and outlines things they want to do without giving an indication of how they are going to do them.

Was it drafted by a civil servant?
Absolutely. As a mission statement this is all fine - the arguments will start when it comes to How this is to be done.
The most difficult thing to enforce would be the budget caps, particularly for the manufacturers. They can hide all sorts of F1 germain testing and development by claiming it is applicable to road cars.

Same old, same old, unfortunately.
They already do that. Merc, Ferrari and Renault have been shoving their engines in 'mule' road cars and been pounding them round and round for about 5 years now. None of that is declared. Honda just couldn't figure out how the hell they were so far behind because, bless them, they thought that rules in F1 actually meant something.
How long until liberty media realise that F1 cant be a democracy & has to be dictatorship because they will never agree or vote for something that will effect the competitiveness. Even if its makes F1 have racing like F2
I miss Bernie. I really do. He was there this weekend sporting his old F1 sport with the old F1 logo.

The Future of F1: Bleak.
I have no idea what the job involves day to day. Jean may well be excellent at his job. What I do know is Max enjoyed playing up for the Media where as Jean retreats from it. His lack of 'public presence' may well bias people into thinking he is less 'effective' what ever that means.
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