What Will Alonso Have Achieved At The End Of His Career?


Fast forward a few years. The last race of Fernando Alonso's f1 career has just finished. What will we be looking at in terms of his statistics after that race? Interesting thought. Will it be still 2 World Championships for the fantastic Spaniard, or will he go on as most of us think he will, to 3/4 world titles, or even more? Whatever happens he's going to have some tough, brilliant talent in his way. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will be amongst those providing the major challenges.

Personally I don't believe, if he goes to Ferrari, that we will see another Schumacher era. Schumacher as well as his supreme, incredible talent had the genius's of Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne and Jean Todt on his side. If there ever is as good a team as that again, I'd like to see it. The fact that Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are nowhere near their peak yet will mean it will be a tough but capable ride for Fernando. But I still think he'll win 3 or 4 world titles.
Well as we've seen this season, no matter how good the driver is, without the car underneath them they will achieve very little.

There's no doubting Alonso's talent in the right car but if he spends the rest of his career in middle-of-the-grid cars then I'm afraid he won't achieve much more.

This season has been really disappointing as most drivers capable of winning races and WDC's aren't in a position to do so purely because they are driving uncompetitive cars.
I agree with Brogan. a competitive car is paramount to success.

If Alonso does go to Ferrari, then his undoubted talent may be enough to produce another WDC, but it depends on whether Ferrari can pull themselves together. Alonso proved with Renault that he can drag a mediocre team to better things, but this season also shows that there are limits to that! "You can't polish a :censored: ", as the saying goes!

Also, as you say, Brawn was an important part of the Schu-rrari success, so the Brawn team can be counted as another hurdle in Alonso's way. Hamilton will be a threat if McLaren find their way (ofcourse, he may also move to another team :o ).

So, in answer to this hypothetical question, I see Alonso winning another WDC at some point, but when and with whom, is anyone's guess.
It all depends on his conduct really. Alonso will get another chance and he's likely to take it if he keeps his mind on the track. However, if he talks like he did at McLaren he might be remembered with a bit of Cristiano Ronaldo syndrome: "He is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Pity he's a stroppy git!"

If he runs into Hamilton or Vettel in a fantastic car I think it'll be difficult for Alonso, and if he ever gets into a top car ever again, he just better hope he keeps in it rather than talk his way out of it again.

When all around lose their heads...
He's certainly good enough to end up with three titles, if not more, but like all drivers it depends on the cars he is given and the team mates he's up against. Who would have put money on Jenson Button becoming a world champion twelve months ago?

If he does finally get into a Ferrari he's going to have a fantastic chance, but Ferrari clearly are not the team they were from 2000-06 and he's probably not going to benefit from an internal team driver hierarchy either (at least, not if the current management are still in charge).
Fernando Alonso is possibly the Best guy in F1 atm. A move to Ferrari could prove the perfect partnership as long as Alonso gets the exclusive Micheal Schmacher Treatment. He has proven himself to be good techinally being able to set up the car well and providing good feedback so the car can improve through out the season. Also as long he is the appionted numbero uno at Ferrari he would also be a great leader for them something they seem to be lacking.

How will he be remembered, well a lot depends on this move to Ferrari, It would be a good base to further his carrer and could prove there saving Grace, but staying at Renault maynot be a bad move either. He was very much a big part in turning Renault into a Championchip Winning team and now with more infulence because of Double WC status could help the team drag themselfs up by the coattails. Therefore I think he will be remembered for being in The Schumacher mould, there are a lot of parrallels between there two carrers certainly at the start anyway. And also they are seen to be definat number 1's in there team, ans also had there team built round them.

Alonso's annus-horrbis at McLrean will always a thawn in his side. He abouslty cracked up at Mclaren with the pressure of having a young gun challenging. He didn't show a World Champions menatality and threw a bit of a Mansell, in the sense He is very confident verging on arrogence about his own talents but has a self doubts and a paranoia of the support or lack of from of his team. Because of what happened there (Spygate....Hamilton crushing him menatally) It will never be forgotten and will always be a huge black mark against him no moatter how many WC titles he adds to his CV.

So I think he could end up either acheving 3,4 or 5 titles and being remembered for being a Schumacher type, having the abilty to buld teams around him and making previously un-sucessful or underacheving teams into World Title Beaters. Or a Mansell type being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time and having the wrong attiude when it happened.
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