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Calm down, Doctor Who fans. This quiz is not about the Timey-Wimey stuff. But if you can measure it on a stopwatch, calendar or stack of calendars (and its in F1) it may be in this quiz.

1. The three Grand Prix with a less than 0.02s gap from first to second are Peter Gethin's victory over Ronnie Peterson at Monza in 1971, Ayrton Senna's edging out of Nigel Mansell at Jarama in 1986 and which other race?

The attempted dead heat where Rubens Barrichello came over the line together with Michael Schumacher in Indianapolis in 2002

2. Which drivers also came within 0.2s of Gethin at Monza?

Half a point each for Francois Cevert and Mike Hailwood

3. Other than Damon Hill at Adelaide in 1995, who is the other driver to win by 2 laps?

Jackie Stewart at Montjuic Park in 1969

4. Who was the first driver to win a World Championship race by a whole lap?

Juan Manuel Fangio in Monaco in 1950

5. It took Luca Badoer 9 years and 9 months after the 1999 Japanese Grand Prix before he started another race. Who is the only driver to wait 10 years or more after his last Grand Prix, but still start another race?

Jan Lammers, who waited from 1982 Argentina to 1992 Australia.

6. After retiring in 2006, Michael Schumacher waited 3 years and 4 months before he again scored a point. Which driver on the current grid had a longer gap between points?

Timo Glock, 3 years 11 months between 2004 Canada and the same race in 2008

7. Who is the only World Champion to have less than a year's interval between his first and last wins?

Jochen Rindt

8. How many Grands Prix were contested between Riccardo Patrese's second and third wins?

99 across 6 years and 6 months between 1983 (SA) and 1990 (SM)

9. Which record was broken at the Canadian Grand Prix this year?

The longest time from start to finish of an F1 race. It even beat the 1950s Indy500s!

10. How many years was the Indy500 contested as part of the World Championship?

11. 1950-60.
Oooh, is this a countdown?! :popcorn:

My turn...

1 :D

(My score for this quiz is actually 1..! Q.9 was the only question that I answered correctly).
Sorry, it seems I can't continue this pattern (not because it would be hard to score -1 point), as I surprisingly scored 7 points
:o But it took me ages to find out the answer for Q6... Eventually I tried to count all the current drivers, but I almost forgot that certain person...
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