The Bulgarian Grand Prix

I think what Bernie and the gang should do is have some races/countries set in stone that have "crown jewel" status. In my opinion these would be:

Monaco (yeah I know but can you imagine F1 without it?)

These countries/races would then be set in stone.

As for the remaining 10 races, they would be zonal. I.E. 2 in the middle east, 2 in Asia, 3 in North America, 1 in Europe and 1 in Africa.

These races would be on a year by year basis so the callender would be varied with a good mix of tracks.

Of course it would never happen so there go's that idea. !!!
A race in Bulgaria exites me as much as watching paint dry...... :whistle:

If it happens lets hope its one of Tilke (sp?) better tracks otherwise i dont see point, unless im missing something?? Bulgaria are hardly an emerging country are they, I mean you can the the financial and promotion benfits for a race in China or Singapore but Bulgaria??
How about the Bulgarians recreate Brands Hatch in a field somewhere? Now that would be a great circuit.
Quite, FB.

I don't care where the track is, as long as it's a belter with long straights, gradient and is a challenge to get right, but not to overtake on.
Creating a new circuit is the perfect opportunity to build a track that cars can actually overtake on. What's the chances of that, d'you think..? :unsure:

I can see why they chose Bulgaria to stage a GP. Hits the new FIA-green message doesn't he!!
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