The 23rd Victory


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So Sebastian Vettel has won his 23rd Grand Prix at Singapore. There are 10 other drivers who have won 23 or more races, so here's some questions at least tangentially related to the 23rd race won by each of them.

1. Nelson Piquet won his 23rd Grand Prix at the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix. Who scored his final podium that day?

Stefano Modena

2. Juan Manuel Fangio won his 23rd Grand Prix at Rouen in 1957. How many laps behind him was the final point scorer?

5th place man Harry Schell was 7 laps down

3. The 1984 Austrian Grand Prix marked Niki Lauda's 23rd. Which of his countrymen, a Grand Prix winner, made a d├ębut?

Gerhard Berger

4. Jim Clark won his 23rd Grand Prix at Watkins Glen in 1967. Who was the only other lap leader?

Lotus team-mate Graham Hill

5. Jackie Stewart's 23rd came at Kyalami in 1973. Which driver surprisingly scored his only pole position?

Denny Hulme

6. Fernando Alonso won his 23rd Grand Prix at Hockenheim in 2010. How far was he off pole?

2 thousandths, 2 hundredths or 2 tenths

2 thousandths

7. Nigel Mansell's 23rd win came in Mexico in 1992. Which nation saw its first podium in 15 years?

Germany, and Michael Schumacher

8. Ayrton Senna won his 23rd Grand Prix in the wet of Montreal in 1990. Who crossed the line first?

Gerhard Berger, who was then given a 1 minute penalty for jumping the start

9. Alain Prost's 23rd win at Monaco in 1986 coincided with whose last podium?

Team-mate Keke Rosberg

10. Michael Schumacher's 23rd win was also at Monaco, in 1997. Who was the highest finisher who has never been one of Schumi's team-mates.

If you said "Michael Schumacher", you are of course correct and recieve the pedants' award :1st:

Try again assuming we're discounting Schumacher if you want the point!

Olivier Panis, in 4th, with Barrichello and Irvine in P2 and P3
4 but you were having a laugh with that last question........

How can Michael Schumacher be a team mate of Michael Schumacher.?


Oh I see you were taking the piss.....
4 for me.

As an aside--if you can find a photo of Clark crossing the finish line at Watkins, you will see that his rear suspension has suffered a partial collapse (not due to contact, either). Yet his lead had been such that he could circulate at greatly reduced pace and still win. Such was the greatness of the man.
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