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Well 2011 draws inexorably to a close and the staff in Fenderman's Head are asking themselves the question "Was it all worth it?"

"So," thought Tellie Fenderman "how shall we find out?"

Rad Booton, lost in deep thought about the future possibilities for a fictional character residing in a rather crowded fictional office, inside a fictional head, inside a real head living somewhere in Kent, Blighty, said "Pardon?"

Tellie thought his question again and Rad piped up "Readers Survey!"

"Brilliant idea," thought Tellie, "Make it so!"

And thus, so it came to pass that, at great personal risk to his feelings, Rad Booton has posted this poll on that illustrious domain known as Clip The Apex - Clip The Apex Presents.

Of course, we have taken one precaution ... whilst inviting all and sundry to tell us what you think by clicking on however many of the buttons you feel the need to, we have included acceptable terms for you to use to display your displeasure. We will not be offended if the result is wholly meh. However, bear in mind that future editions may well depend on how your responses make us feel!

In other words, if you want Rooters, vote positive. If you don't have a good laugh and hit the negative buttons! You see, I have nothing to lose because it's bloomin' hard work when my real job burns me out but it's good fun and light relief to just be silly for an hour two. So, I call it a 'win win' situation.

Rooters News


After taking nearly a month to make my mind up about whether my first analysis of the results meant anything and then, micro analysing the results again, I have decided to take another month before writing a ground-breaking, world beating analytical article in Rooters News, Rooting Today and / or Rootersport where I will announce my intention to do: a) more ground-breaking, nerve jangling and disrespectful issues of Rootersport; b) dredged up conspiracy theories from the world of world news to spread malicious gossip and rumour in the pages of Rooting Today; c) heart-warming, back-patting, chummy stories about great things and great people inhabiting the world of Clip The Apex in Rooters News; and/or d) paragraphs with longer sentences than this one for no other reason than to liquify people's time and energy when they probably could be reading far more worthwhile posts elsewhere on Clip The Apex - and nowhere else because, naturally, Clip The Apex IS the apex. 8-)

In other news

Rad Booton is currently on vacation in Iran awaiting the next US led invasion, whilst sucking nuclear lollies fresh from the centrifuge. We think they're at around 20% but can't be sure until we get him back to run a Geiger Counter over him.

Tellie Fenderman. Rooters M.I.A.F.C. (Missing in action from clip).8-)
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