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1 - Boring start, prolonged boredom in the middle part of the race and it drew to a boring conclusion.

I was going to rate it a 2 in recognition of a pretty decent drive by Alonso but when Sky immediately turned it into yet another Alonso love in I took it back off again.

At least the championship battle has tightened further.


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6 - i thought that race was alright, i really like the circuit, quite enjoyed the 1st half & their was enough i 2nd half wheel to wheel & tyre drama to keep the interest.


I thought it surpassed expectations. Nothing earth shattering, but decent amount of action and the will the tires last game on the end was a bit of a nail biter for Alonso fans, until he was saved by the safety car. I’ll give it a 6.


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It's 6 the potential excitement was all over at the start when Verstappen made a great start but Bottas did not then Gasly was asked to move over by his team

The late tyre drama but nit much else. The long straight which is about 12 seconds does not drs at time given the way Verstappen was able to breeze past
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