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So, as previously discussed, there'll be 5 tyres created for next year - including the new ultrasoft purple rimmed tyres.

The FIA announced today there'll be 3 types taken to each race. Pirelli will select 2 for the race (one which must be used). The softest tyre will be used for Q3.

The other 10 sets will be chosen by the teams.

That should reduce some of the prescriptiveness associated with the strategies. It could well give the silver clad mathematicians something to think about other than "Lewis, just do it."

F1 needs an element of sub-optimality (as Ron Dennis would say) to keep it interesting. It could well change the dynamic of Q2 if some take the risk. Hopefully.
Not quite sure I follow. What you're saying is that the teams will have a total of 12 sets of tyres made up of all three compounds for the weekend. 2 selected by Pirelli to be used on race day of which the teams must use one set, the remaining sets they can use as and when they wish except in Q3 where they have to use the softest available compound. So in theory, on race day, a team could run, medium, soft, ultra soft in a two stopper. Have I got that right? Does mean the final end of the option/prime crap?
F1 news: F1 teams to get more choice between Pirelli dry compounds in 2016

"Of the 13 sets of dry tyres available to each driver, the tyre supplier will choose two for the race (only one of which must be used in the race), and one set (the softest available) that may only be used in Q3.

"Each driver may then choose their remaining 10 sets from the three available compounds.

"Unless intermediate or wet-weather tyres have been used, a driver must use at least two different specifications of dry-weather tyres - at least one of these must be the one chosen by the tyre supplier."


Yeh I'm confused as well. :please:
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Shame that there is only one tyre supplier as if there was some competition for Pirelli we wouldn't end up with another gimmick like this one.
We shouldn't criticize this change to the rules just because we don't fully understand it yet. It's definitely going to make things more interesting with the strategy and I'm sure after we see it in action, we'll know what is going on.
I agree that we need to wait and see how it pans out. It is very easy to sit here and cast doubt on something we don't fully understand. However, this is not the change that I wanted F1 to make. I'd love to see a move away from HD tyres. I'd also like to see an end to DRS but that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

It would seem that F1 has painted itself into somewhat of a corner. They need faster lap times or people will criticize the sport (some will), in order to achieve this they need highly efficient aero. This in turn makes it difficult for cars to follow each other closely. The solution to this is to take downforce away. However this will make the cars slower… That's the circle of the F1 life right now.
I agree about the need to get artificial gimmicks such as DRS and possibly high-wear tyres. My problem is F1 has too many fake contrivances, usually to try and aid overtaking, but the problem is there are so many (DRS, high-wear tyres, complex power units that need preserving, fuel, possibly others) that it's getting just too complex to figure out which one of those contrivances are making a driver drive faster or slower. Formula E is much better in this respect in that there is pretty-much just one limit on going as fast as possible all the time and that's the battery energy.
The real problem regarding overtaking as has been stated many times on here is the current aero regs making it difficult for a following car to overtake, yet they keep tackling the problem the wrong way.

Regarding the new tyre regs, against it seems hideously complicated. At least most of the regs seem to cover practice/qually as opposed to the race itself which the casual viewer doesn't care too much about.
Well we know at least one team that almost certainly will but I'm sure you're right, almost every team on the grid will do as well.
We might have a chance of the order being thrown asunder by, say, unexpected weather in the two weeks between allocation and race. If it gets too hot or cold, it could give a huge amount of time to the gamblers.
The tire wars were an interesting time in F1 (minus the Indianapolis debacle) and for years now we have had these spec tires, telling teams that they must use this and that compound. This new rule is going to be very interesting as well, I can't wait to see it in action...possibly because I threw this idea out on one of my first posts on this forum ;)
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