Formula E Out of Ten: Beijing ePrix

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Dash Racing

Points Scorer
Borrowing from the CTA Race of the Year polls for Formula 1, I thought I'd start one for Formula E. So here's your chance to let it be known how much you enjoyed the Beijing ePrix. You've got 14 days to get your vote in.

Last year's champion pretty much wrote off this entire season after qualy, Nick Heidfeld finally got some luck, instead seeming to pass it on to my favorite :( A couple of Full Course Yellows made car change time interesting. Some good racing throughout the pack, and a very dominant drive by Buemi - so much so that we hardly saw him onscreen! It wasn't the most exciting race of Formula E, it always seemed like the cameras were focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time. But my standards for Formula E are a lot higher than for Formula 1, so I'm giving it a 6 - partly because Fox Sports 1's coverage of Formula E is complete and utter :censored:
I enjoyed it so a 7 from me. The TV director showed the race almost as if the first 3 cars didn't exist which was probably a good idea as there wasn't a lot of action at the front but I'm sure Renault would have appreciated a little more publicity for their cars.
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