Formula E Hong Kong E-Prix

Yes because of the rain and changing conditions. Formula E has qualifying in groups (not unheard of in other sports) and a superpole battle for top 5 at the end. Due to the fact they pretty much have road tyres on its not even that much of a disadvantage to be out first as track doesn't rubber in. Weather conditions are a luck thing. We see mixed up grids in all series when there is rain in qualifying. It's not a gimmick or design.

The real reason we see mixed up grids in Formula E is because the cars perform differently on a time trial to and overall race. For instance last year we saw the NIO car was fantastic over one full out full power lap but changed all together when it came to a race distance and managing power. Audi were the complete opposite. It's not a gimmick to deliberatly mix up grids it's just a quirk of the technology. Therefore it's not 'artifical' like the ideas that have been suggested to mix up F1 grids.

I accept your point on the race tracks - although I happen to think the cobbled together street track stuff is part of the charm of the series but that's just about personal opinion. I'm baffled as to the comparison from this race to the worst type of F1 race where the faster car behind can't get within a second of the car in front. I guess to me most of the excitment comes in the chase and pressure build up to an overtake rather than the overtake itself. This race had that in spades.
The only thing that is a bit shit about Formula E is the Fan Boost, but that really doesn't seem to make an awful lot of difference in the races I've seen.

Another reason that the grids are mixed up, in addition to RasputinLives' excellent points, is that the drivers and cars are just that much closer to each other. And the young technology encourages mistakes to be made, both with regard to driving the machines and race tactics. I like it how the Attack Mode activation zone is only announced an hour before the race.

I've seen nearly every F1 race since I first started watching in 1989, and all three of the last Formula E races have been better than nearly every F1 race I've seen. Even my wife was on the edge of the sofa watching the Hong Kong race, and straightaway asked when the next race is!
I've never looked into the figures for fan boost. How close the voting is and if it always tends to be the same drivers in roughly the same order all season. It could do with a review.
To be honest I think it's served its purpose (team engagement with fans) and probably needs to go. Last year a suggestion was made by other teams that Audi employed people to 'ensure' their drivers got the vote (they almost always did). Since then they suddenly don't get it as much. Hmmmm.
When working for JLR they would have events in the plants promoting FE engagement and would give away freebies if you signed up for the FE app. It wasn't an organised vote as such but it was certainly encouraged. Nothing untoward just a case of a bit of getting the workforce to take a bit of pride in the company.

Maybe Audi were just a bit more organised.
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