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  1. F1Brits_90

    Formula E London E Prix

    As well as F1 GP2 & the mountain of other sport like Wimbledon, Tour de France Euro 2016. We cant forget the doubleheader finale of Formula E which because of residental complaints will be final time it takes place at battersea. London doesnt yet have a spot either on the 2016/17 formula E...
  2. Dash Racing

    Formula E Putrajaya ePrix Discussion

    After a pole to flag victory by Buemi at Beijing, Renault eDAMS looks like the team to beat this year, with Buemi especially looking unbeatable with his clean sweep - fastest in FP1 and FP2, pole position, 1st place, and the fastest lap award all going to the Swiss driver. Meanwhile, last...
  3. Dash Racing

    Formula E Out of Ten: Beijing ePrix

    Borrowing from the CTA Race of the Year polls for Formula 1, I thought I'd start one for Formula E. So here's your chance to let it be known how much you enjoyed the Beijing ePrix. You've got 14 days to get your vote in. Last year's champion pretty much wrote off this entire season after qualy...
  4. Dash Racing

    Formula E Beijing ePrix Discussion

    It's one week to go until the start of the Formula E season. With all the drivers finally confirmed, the driver lineup for this year's Beijing ePrix has a few new (and not so young) faces. However, the driver lineup isn't half as interesting as the introduction of manufacturers to Formula E...
  5. Dash Racing

    Formula E Formula E 2015/2016 Updates

    The World Motorsport Council approved an 11 race calendar for 2015/16's Formula E season. So far, it looks like a lot of familiar tracks will be making a return, along with some new ones. RoundDateLocation117 Oct 2015Beijing, China27 Nov 2015Putrajaya, Malaysia319 Dec 2015Punta del Este...
  6. RasputinLives

    Formula E What to Expect from Formula E

    So this Saturday sees the start of a brand new form of motorsport with the beginning of the Formula E Championship in Bejing. If you’re on European time you can tune in at 8am and enjoy it over your breakfast and if you’re across the pond you can stay up and have a late one. There has been a lot...
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