Poll Out of Ten - 2013 Monaco Grand Prix

2013 Monaco Grand Prix Out of Ten

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The perez antics, Sutil overtakes and rosberg win saved it from a zero. But 5? overtakes in 78 laps is not racing. Worst race so far. yawn fest.
Overtaking isn't everything - I think the Spanish race proved that ;). The first half was awful, but the second half had a load of what ifs and close racing.
10 for the first half. 10 for the second half. For different reasons altogether.

The jiggering of the order in between that was unfortunate. Abiding by a delta time will ALWAYS prove detrimental.

I always look on the bright side.

Grumble, grumble, grumble......****ing bullshit.
7 for me, 10s are exclusive for Lewis wins! But a lot of action and it was more strategy than tyres unlike in Spain, would have liked to see Seb attack Nico, "but satisfaction," is arguably radio message of the season so far!
The build up to the race inspired interest......Merc lock-out front row...great team start..shutting out Seb...
It would have been an 7 but LH was too :censored:kind & compromised his own positon.....(in future...don't do it Ethel) ...-1
but a Nico win :1st:is well worth a point...& so should Perez givin it some welli.... +1
So I'll give an 8
Not a bad race.

Although, the top 4 was sorted after the first safety car which ruined everything, as it didn't let the Alonso and Raikkonen do something about Vettel's championship lead. Just shows, track position is key, Mercedes ran the race at their own pace while the others followed, the undercut or staying out longer won't work here due to the traffic.

For me, Mercedes got lucky with the first safety car as it came out on time for them to pit, and after that, it was over for the win.

Perez, Grosjean, Maldonado and Sutil livened it up a bit.

Overall, the race had too many stop/starts, but it was still enjoyable.

Leaning towards 6 as jez101 says, it was a bit of procession but the safety car and crashes masked it.
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