Out of Ten - 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Out of Ten

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Shame there isn't half point as it was a 6 1/2 for me so gave it a 7 - glass half full today :D
Would have been an 8 but Hamilton did have to do a little bit of work with some great overtaking plus they normally would have brought out a safety car and didn't - AND Kimi kept Vettel behind, AND AND three different teams on the podium! So I'll give it a 9.
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an 8 from me, far from usual in Hungary, but the tyres worked perfectly to give some cracking racing.

Nice driving from Lewis and Kimi today :)
It's an 8 or 9 for me too, but based on the expectation to get a processional race at Hungary I think I'll give it a 9. The battle for the top 6 was really exciting and it continued for the whole race. Most importantly it was a race where the tyres allowed not only different strategies but prolonged battles over the same piece of tarmac. If Mercedes and Lotus can continue to beat Red Bull on race day then we may just end up with a championship battle.
Thought the first 30 or so laps were excellent. It looked like it was shaping up for a great battle for the win. Sadly (although not too much for the title :) ), Seb got held up, Romain went banzai and Alonso just didn't have any pace. Hamilton was excellent, he made the moves when he had to - the Button pass won him the race - and looked comfortable in the end. Great call from Lotus to change Kimi to 2 stops and grab 2nd ahead of Vettel's charge that entertained me til the end. The lull until then makes it an 8 rather than a 9 from me.
I tend to buck the trend, I quite enjoy Hungary, I think it makes the drivers push the limits and the short, tight nature of the circuit negates the great equalisers of DRS, KERs et al, so that car and driver are much more important.

Really enjoyed today up to the last round of pit stops where we were just waiting to see if there would be any more mechanicals to change the order - other than Kimi and Seb battling it out.

Big plus for Nico, being switched on enough to not only get off the track, but to get out of the way of the recovery vehicle so that he did not interrupt the race.

I'm going for an 8, good race, good battles, no safety cars, but a bit of a squib at the end.
Total control on Lewis's part from the beginning of the race, and to the end. Hamilton was aggressive when he had to be, especially with his passing maneuvers, and maintaining his tires very well, which have been the Achilles heel for the W04. I would give the race a 8 for it's action and entertainment, but with the fantastic win by Lewis a.....10.
I gave it 10 but in retrospect I should only have given it 8. I have a lot of reservations but I did enjoy the race.
I think Jenson could have just let Sebastian past. Holding Seb up for 12 laps only served to slow his own pace down, had he just concentrated on his own race he could well have finished further up the points. He was never in the same race as Seb and should have been informed by his race engineer that he was wasting precious time and tyres.

I would have enjoyed the race far more seeing Lewis and Sebastian fighting over first place.
And imagine if Lewis had still won, how happy I would be and Lewis would be totally chuffed. Instead he is still living under the dark cloud that the Red Bull is unbeatable in a straight fight.
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Going for 7. I still hate DRS. There were some good bits of racing breaking out all over the track and I really thought I was going to give it an 8 but after a bit of post race reflection, it still didn't do enough to be any higher. Guess I'm hard to please.
I can give a reason for a 9, lots of tension throughout the race, there was always the potential for something to happen, was also a fairly clean race too as well as being tough on the cars and the drivers. The DRS or tyres didn't make much difference to the outcome or overtaking so it was nice and refreshing to see the drivers having to work to make the moves.
I gave it a 4 I found the race fairly dull and I have no idea why Vettel couldn't get past Button I do not agree with snowy that Button should have just let him past, that's not the name of the game, Hamilton managed to do it so why couldn't Vettel? Maybe he just isn't that good at overtaking like we all thought in the first place, it also seemed to me that Button wasn't geared properly as when he did get to use DRS he was hitting the rev limiter and couldn't gain ground down the main straight..
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