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2013 Bahrain Grand Prix Out of Ten

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No where near as dangerous as drivers going sledding on thier front wings or discarding wheels on the racetrack. I don't think safety is a particularly large problem with regards to DRS, especially with all the run off. They'll still have a fat set of composite anchors to get them stopped or slowed down.
I don't see the argument for banning DRS on safety grounds personally. There's plenty of things that can break on an F1 car and cause an accident.

And I'm with teabagyokel , Alonso seemed to be able to carry on regardless with no major issues!

Anyway, we digress.
Well, the regs state that it must fail in the closed position, so Ferrari are breaking the rules, and must be punished to the full extent of the law.

I thoroughly enjoyed the race, a 9 from me.
Bit late with an opinion on this - was in USA for two weeks and, by not using t'internet or tv (who does on holiday?) and not asking anyone directly, returned on 4th of May completely unaware of the quali or race outcomes.

Having now watched the full run-through of both, read a few reviews and all the comments on here ...... it's definitely a 6 at max!

Less than Australia, which I set as a bench-mark 7, but just more than Malaysia and China due to added Wacky Races 'entertainment'.
Bahrain Results

Mean: 7.6
Standard Deviation on Mean: 1.4
Median: 8
Mode: 8
Mean excluding top/bottom 10%: 7.9

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