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2013 Bahrain Grand Prix Out of Ten

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I can't believe some people are giving this race scores less than 7. There were some overtakes that were made too easy by the DRS, tyre failures cost the Ferraris and Hamilton through no fault of their own and there wasn't a battle for the lead but everything else was just spectacular.

There was genuine, real racing for the whole race, we had varying strategies, different drivers strong at different stages etc. etc. It was a 9 for me, I was glued to the screen throughout which I don't think I can say for any of the other races so far. If the battles that were going on were for the lead it would have been a 10.

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I think some people watch the races every weekend expecting F1 to be something that it isn't. They then forget and have the same expectation at the next race. This pining for something that doesn't exist will always lead to disappointment. Just my opinion, or observation, but I think that often the people who vote low for the races are generally the same people who complain about the current Formula.
A 7 from me. Yes it was exciting with some good battles. GP2 sprint race was every bit as good to watch yet no DRS. Can I get excited enough to score it higher? No because a faster version of GP2 is not quite good enough for me. But, hey, I get excited watching super karts as well. Please note that I like to leave a few points in hand since usually the seasons get better.as they go along.
Maybe the best race I have ever seen. Hard to think of closer racing since I started watching in the early 80s. Edge of my seat, heart in my mouth, jumping up and down almost every lap. Button vs Perez was just incredible. Jenson taught Sergio a lesson, which he learned in an instant
Bahrain wasn't as half as bad as China.

The DRS wasn't much of an effect here as it was in the previous race, and the tyres held up well.

So I'm not getting this 'contrived entertainment', I thoroughly enjoyed the race from start to the finish.

Do you mind elaborating Mephistopheles? I'm actually not getting the point, as this race was many like last season, if not better, and comments like this weren't made back then.
I enjoyed the race but to my mind it isn't pure racing, and so we live with what we've got, as for the tyres Massa had two unexplained punctures and Lewis had one in qualifying and all that Pirelli can come up with is debri, four stops is to many to say the tyres held up well Lewis struggled like hell on the mediums and Nico went from pole to 9th.....

The cars/drivers that managed their tyres did well and the car/drivers who didn't went backwards, the race was entirely tyre lead and therefore dictated by pirelli and not the teams
I must admit I'm getting tempted to make a "grumpy bastard" and "ooo look that's shiny" award for the members with the lowest and highest mean scores given across the season LOL. It would be a lot more work though as there's not an easy way to extract the names from the polls etc.
I can't believe anyone watched today's GP and thought that they were not watching a race. I find that absolutely astounding. They all raced their little aerator socks off. The American wrestling comparison is bonkers. Do you really think Button and Perez orchestrated their entire battle for the fans? I think they just wanted to beat each other and were racing. Same of all of the other battles and close wheel-to-wheel or strategic action.

Checo did say, however, that the racing is not as pure as in lower categories due to the extra things to think about besides the pedals and the steering wheel, which i completely agree with, but F1 is an endurance series and not a spec series and so that is fine. I don't mind that drivers and teams have to use their intellect as well as their instinct, I don't mind that they are challenged in car design as well as setup and I don't mind that they are also challenged strategically with tyre usage and in the cockpit with KERS, DRS, brake bias, diff settings, fuel mixes, fuel management, tyre management and everything else they have to deal with.

Whether you like the formula or not, we watched a race today. There was nothing fake about it. It was 12 teams with 24 drivers running under the same regulations trying to get to the finish line faster than everyone else. They finished in a different order to what they started and each driver fought bloody hard against their competitors to finish in the positions that they did.
The problem is that we have never had a race with only Pirelli tyres and no DRS. Therefore, no accurate comparison can be made about what the increase in overtaking is down to. I'd love for there to be just 1 race this year without DRS, then we can see how exciting it is without the artificiality.
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