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2012 Canadian Grand Prix out of ten

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Overtaking for lead on the track, Ferrari and Red Bull choosing tactice to compete rather than for the fastest time (Ferrari getting caught with their trousers down on that one again).

For this year a very good race, drivers moving forward caused the win more noticibly than those falling back. At last a positive feel!

7 winners out of 7 and at last the final competitor for the championship gets the top step.

I'll give it an 8 - woul be more, but I still can't get over the the amount the tyres control the race.
Bit of a snooze fest in the middle, too much DRS passing and we are back to the bad old days of drivers gaining places in the pits. Still, I gave it a 7 for Hammy's chasing down of the two leaders and the mixture of strategies.
8/10 for exactly the same reasons as GeoffP except I'd like to add it's also great again to see 3 different teams on the podium and also the fact Grosjean and Perez were there.
8 from me for pretty much the same reasons as GeoffP.
Canada once again providing a race which required racers rather than drivers.
It's a bit sad to see the numerous motorway passes - DRS was too strong here. Message to FIA - some tracks don't need DRS. And tracks that do to make the racing even remotely exciting shouldn't be on the calendar (maybe apart from Monaco).
It was a cracking race but wasn't quite the 10/10 that the last two Canadian GPs have been. It fell a bit flat for a short time as the strategies played out but it was an excellent race nonetheless.

What's more, it was great even without a safety car!
I went for 6, even though Hamilton won, the only thing exciting was Hamilton chasing down the leaders in the last 15 laps, that said, I can't remember a single overtake outside the DRS zone or in the pitlane.
5, It was very boring DRS is still to easy at this circuit there was absolutely no way to defend against it and I don't believe that is the intention of it they should shorten it again for next year, after all it is meant to be an aid to overtaking, not to make it a dead cert...
I liked the fact that despite all the moaning from various camps that this season is too open and unpredictable, this race was wholly free of acts of God or distortions due to tyres. Everyone has had 6 races to prepare, this was pure competition between driver and support team combos, I loved Ferrari and Red Bull boxing clever (almost too much maybe), and Grosjean doing what he has been threatening to do for ages. It was open and 5 teams could have won

in the end the man who has done the best job all season with the driving element of the team effort is on top of the pile, and it wasnt due to weather, saftey cars, or lucky calls with tyres

so 8/10
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