Poll Out of ten - 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix out of ten

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8 from me, best race of the season so far. Shame for Lewis as the race was his for the taking (anyone see Ron Dennis in the pits poking the same button he pushed in Brazil '07?)
I don't like carnage making it an exciting race so I've scored it eight. However there was laughter, excitement, anguish from start to finish so one of the best. As Bro said could have been a very different race had McLaren not 'done a McLaren' but I can't distinguish between Alonso, Hamilton or Raikkonen for driver of the weekend.
Has to be Seb surely, as driver of the weekend surely?

Kimi and Nando just doing what I would expect, maybe Seb got lucky but he drove really well!
He made several mistakes in the race and banged the barrier in quali yesterday, pitted twice and needed a nose cone change. It was far from a perfect drive, more lucky and benefitting from being able to have a car in complete race trim which none of the others had. He didn't give up and made some really good passes but the others were almost perfect given their machinery.
Umm, he didn't really.
He drove into one driver and almost rear ended Ricciardo, having to take avoiding action and hitting a marker board.
OK, so the Gods smiled on him today - he got away with it and moved from p24 to p3 - still involved a bit of input from him though!
And a little help from having 100% race set up.

It takes a certain type of person to capitalise on opportunities though and Seb like Red Bull are maybe the best at this!

Race settings or not, all of the changes involved a fair amount a guess work as there was no opportunity to try them out! As such, the strategy entailed a fair amount of risk.
I know siffert_fan which is what I meant by these are the best guys at capitalising on opportunities. And it may have been risky but those risks were much easier to take given they had nothing to lose. They don't play it safe, they are great with strategies and this together with the fair amount of errors in front/safety cars etc and the fact that his car was miles faster on a straight line than yesterday meant getting up to third was that much easier than it may have been had he stuck to the original set up.
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