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Wow, what a controversy! I went back to watch that Race on F1 TV and man was that exciting! I can't imagine what it would have been like to be there in person or watching on TV live.
well i only watched in full during the pandemic. id only seen clips up until then as im 1998 + & yeah its part of schumacher that he was really talented but flawed as a human. not great considering how 3 years previous he did the same to Damon Hill. he was getting a reputation. watching on TV live i can see that & 94 being the same as Saudi or Brazilian GP last year. people discuss it to this day

but very surprised to hear that people thought FIA had gone light on Schumacher as ive always thought to disqualify him from the championship was quite huge & on Williams & McLaren some say it was. but what i heard Villeneuve gearbox was barely holding on & it was better safe than sorry. as he only needed 3rd for championship
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